Tuesday 8 September 2015

'Order & Chaos 2: Redemption' Trailer Reveals New Gameplay in Solo Dungeons, Instant Quests

Order & Chaos 2:  Redemption 

Gameloft has launched a definitive new video for its free-to-play "Order & Chaos 2:  Redemption", showing two unique features and actual gameplay.  The developer reclaimed itself after showing a faint teaser trailer for its MMORPG last month.  This is the first gameplay trailer from the much-anticipated mobile game.
According to App Trigger, the two-minute clip for "Order & Chaos 2:  Redemtption" highlights the solo dungeons, wherein players can get adventurous on their lonesome or even if they just have a few minutes to play.  Gameloft likewise confirmed that there will be 4 dungeons available at launch, with gold or crafting and evolutions materials as rewards. 
Another feature revealed in the video is the Instant Quests, which dismisses the need to talk to NPCs and ask for a task.  The players just have to walk into an active region to gain access to an Instant Quest.  These quests are located in Haradon, and those who are adventurous enough will get rewards in return.
The Solo Dungeons in "Order & Chaos 2:  Redemption" are not as big compared to multiplayer dungeons; but they do offer what it does which include boss fights , according to Droid Gamers.  Doing tasks on their own, players can reap a new gear, XP, among others.  The gear in this area is also somewhat similar to the ones which can be found inside multiplayer locations.  Solo Dungeons can be entered into by using dream fragments, which can be replenished every day.
As mentioned, players can progress through Instant Quests even when they have just a brief time to play.  However, these types of quests do not displace the normal journeys in the game.  After completing a task, players are automatically given some rewards and loot; there's no need to check in with the quest giver anymore.  Exploring is the primary skill for a player to find all the quests that are in Haradon.
According to Gamezebo, four years after Order & Chaos Online, the franchise has swelled up with developments which include a card game - "Order & Chaos Duels - and a MOBA - "Heroes of Order & Chaos".   It seems Gameloft can plan a lot of genus from the "Chaos & Order" franchise.
Since Order & Chaos was a hit when it launched, it's but likely that players have expectations as well about this sequel.  And with these new features in the game, Gameloft might hit it big with "Order & Chaos:  Redemption 2" as well.  There's no definite release date yet, but players can pre-register in its official website and receive exclusive content upon the game's release.

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