Monday 6 April 2015

5th Gen Intel® Core™ Processor

5th Gen Intel Core processors deliver the performance needed to power an amazing experience on the latest capabilities like gesture, voice, and facial recognition.

New enhancements include:
SOC and platform power reductions enable up to 1.5 hours longer battery life on active        workloads vs. prior generations.
Enhancements to graphics architecture, additional execution units, enhanced codec decode support, and support for the latest graphics APIs provide up to 22% better graphics performance compared to previous generations.
Architectural and design enhancements combined with 14nm process provide up to 4% faster processor performance vs. prior generations.

1) Stunning Visuals
 Intel® HD and Intel® Iris™ graphics deliver an eye-popping visual experience and take Intel® Built in Visuals to the next level.  With 5th Gen Intel Core processors, you can watch, game, and create like never before. 
• Videos come to life in Ultra HD 4k, so users can enjoy amazing and vibrant multimedia experiences on Ultra HD 4k displays, even over Intel® Wireless Display.5 5th Gen Intel Core processors include enhanced new codec decode support for VP8, VP9, and HEVC.
• Mainstream games and apps will run eff ortlessly with up to 20% better graphics performance than 4th Gen Intel Core processors and support for the latest graphics APIs (DX11.2, DX12 ready).
• Intel Quick Sync Video technology accelerates most video capabilities, allowing users to create and share in real-time and multi-task without interruption.
• 5th Gen Intel Core processors also support graphics programmability features like OpenCL 2.0 so programmers can easily take advantage of the graphics compute capabilities.

2) Better, more responsive performance

3) Diverse form factors

4) Intel® smart sound technology

5) longer Battery life