Wednesday 13 January 2016

This New Trailer For The Division Is Probably Your Best Look At The Game So Far

Despite The Division being announced three E3s ago, there is still not a lot we know about the game. How will it work exactly? What is the structure? What are the main goals? These are all things we don’t know yet, in any meaningful capacity.
However, this new trailer for the game is probably the best look we’ve had yet. It shows some kind of homebase you’ll work from and a notion of structure to how the title will work. I still think there is a lot more to learn here, but this is a decent primer for the game’s March 8th release.
Take a look at it here:

Sony Releases New 'Ratchet & Clank' Trailer That Shows Off Both Gameplay And Movie Footage

Sony released a new trailer for the upcoming Ratchet & Clank reboot video game for PlayStation 4 that is set to release in time with the theatrical release of the movie.
The trailer reintroduces the characters from the franchise, including the furry creature known as a Lombax named Ratchet, his robot pal named Clank and the superhero that will help them save the galaxy named Captain Qwark.
With beautiful visuals, complex levels and the ability to fight off enemies with various weapons and gadgets on land and to fly an aircraft, the trailer will probably leave fans feeling pretty excited. The game also features new controls, planets, boss fights and flight sequences.

The video game also teases scenes from the upcoming Ratchet & Clank film produced by Rainmaker Entertainment, giving fans a first look at what they can expect. If you pay attention to the bottom left corner, you should be able to tell if the scenes are from the game or movie depending on whether or not the text in-game footage appears.
The trailer also points out that this latest title from the series is based on the movie, which is based on the game. Created and developed by Insomniac Games (who is also working on the movie), Ratchet & Clank was first released in 2002 for PlayStation 2.
The reboot title was first announced at E3 in 2014, and was initially planned to be released last year. However, the game will be released in the spring of 2016 to coincide with the April 29 release date.

While the exact U.S. release date of the PS4 video game is not yet known, Sony announced that Ratchet & Clank will launch on April 15 in France, on April 22 in the UK and everywhere else in the PAL region on April 20. Those who preorder the game will get access to an exclusive weapon called "the Bouncer."

Homefront: The Revolution out in May, new gameplay trailer

Homefront: The Revolution comes out on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on 20th May 2016, publisher Deep Silver has announced.
The closed beta - exclusive to the Xbox One - launches in February. To access the beta, you have to get an "Xbox One Beta Token", which will be given out via upcoming promotions.
Meanwhile, there's a new gameplay trailer, below, that shows off the open-world first-person shooter's Occupied Philadelphia, 2029 setting.
Homefront is developed by Nottingham studio Dambuster, which was founded by Deep Silver after the publisher bought the rights to the Homefront series from Crytek. Crytek UK, which had been developing Homefront, closed down after its parent company ran into financial difficulty.

Watch The Hilarious Rendition Of The Warcraft Movie Trailer With In-Game Sound Effects

World of Warcraft has been a part of the video game industry for quite some time, and has transformed multiple times to get to where it is today. The new Warcraft movie has fans waiting impatiently to see how the narrative will tackle the massive World of Warcraft universe. One thing the movie will have is top-notch audio, but one user decided to dub the movie trailer with old-school, in-game World of Warcraft sounds effects, and it’s hilarious. Check out the video below.

It should be an obvious giveaway when the title of the trailer is dated “1995” in parentheses. The sound effects can be related to the 1995 Warcraft II trailer, where the music is so-pleasantly 90’s narrated by a horrible, over-dramatic voice-over. But once you hear the sound effects in the 1995 Warcraft II trailer, you begin to understand why the dubbed Warcraft movie trailer is so outrageous. Check out the Warcraft II trailer below.
I think this just goes to prove that the franchise has certainly come a long way since its early beginnings, improving in content, gameplay, audio and of course, graphics. We can look back and understand how silly some of the sound effects were, but if you think about it, back then everyone thought World of Warcraft was cutting edge. It was a game that had a following unlike any other, that opened up into a world plagued by conflict between two distinct sides and that pushed gaming into a new era. Its film, Warcraft, has actually been in development for quite some time. It had quite a few issues when the idea first sprung up and no one wanted to head the project. Perhaps it’s the tainted reputation that video game movies carry in the film industry. Fans claim there has yet to be an exceptional video game movie, so critics are going to be extra harsh in scrutinizing the upcoming film. Who wants to be put under that kind of pressure? Finally, director and screenwriter Duncan Jones picked the movie up and pushed it into development. Jones has directed award-winning films like Moon and Source Code. While he doesn’t really have a repertoire of fantasy films, he did showcase engaging action scenes in Source Code, but that’s all we really have to go on. The trailer for Warcraft looked promising, but then again, I haven’t been playing World of Warcraft since the dawn of time. I can imagine fans will be going into this film with the mindset of “Okay, what did they do wrong?” Because that’s how I’ve approached every single Silent Hill movie. What didn’t they get right? Any director going into this project knew they were going to face a lot of scrutiny from the video game world. With Duncan Jones’ resume, it doesn’t appear that he has too much experience tackling video game narratives. But how can you really judge? Source Code was good, but it didn’t blow my mind. Moon was way out there and maybe a little too avant garde for my taste. So what does this say about the upcoming Warcraft movie? Warcraft is slated for release this year and hopefully, it won’t be as bad as every other video game movie that has tried to release before it. Hopefully. What are your thoughts on the upcoming Warcraft movie? Tell us in the comments below.

Tom Clancy's The Division trailer leaks new gameplay footage

Here's yesterday's leaked trailer, now in officially published Ubisoft-o-vision:

It's been a long wait for The Division, but now - eight weeks from release - Ubisoft looks set to finally draw back the curtain on its post-apocalyptic online shooter. A new Italian trailer for the game popped up online this afternoon and was quickly pulled - but not before it was hosted elsewhere. The three minute video includes our best look yet at the game's gunplay and New York open world. Freshly-revealed areas include a ruined train station and underground metro, as well as the game's more familiar snowy streets. There's also a good look at The Division's safe zones, areas where players can relax, talk to NPCs, stock up and team up with friends before journeying back out into dangerous territory. You'll face enemies with riot shields and robot gun turrets. You can also be set on fire by foes with flamethrowers or incendiary grenades. The Division's release date is finally rolling around - it's set for 8th March, with a public beta expected to take place before. A private alpha test took place before Christmas, although only for a select few on Xbox One. It won't be too long until Ubisoft releases its new The Division trailer officially, but until then - you'll find it elsewhere online.

Latest EA Sports UFC 2 Gameplay Trailer Showcases Major Changes

As promised a few days ago, EA Sports has released a new gameplay trailer which showcases some of the major changes implemented in the upcoming EA Sports UFC 2, which comes out on March 15th and is available fore pre-order. The trailer, which is embedded above, focuses on the following aspects of the game:
  • Physics-based hit reactions and knockouts, which replace the canned animations from the first game. While physics-based, it’s tailored to realistic reactions to how strikes landing would affect the body, so there are no wacky rag doll physics.
  • Defense has been changed in two major ways: Unlike the first game, where the “weak block” automatically blocked everything and only “strong block” was about blocking high or low, now all blocking is based on blocking high or low. That means that there’s always a part of the body open to attack and everyone has to play much more cerebrally. In addition, the head movement has been changed to Fight Night-style 360 degree head movement.
  • Grappling is no longer turn-based like all previous MMA games. This is the deepest look we’ve gotten so far at the new grappling system, and it seems really promising.
While the first game got mixed reviews, it seems as if EA Sports is trying to address all f the complaints. Players hated auto-block, and now it’s gone, for example.
In related news, fans were outraged this week when it was revealed that Phil “CM Punk” Brooks, who has yet to have a professional MMA fight, was given an “85/100” rating in the game. Punk responded:

Mortal Kombat X Kombat Pack 2 Gameplay Trailer

Today, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment revealed a closer look at the brand-new characters and content coming to Mortal Kombat X in Kombat Pack 2, the game’s next wave of downloadable content. The Mortal Kombat X Kombat Pack 2 gameplay trailer showcases the Kombatants being introduced to the game’s playable roster in 2016 including the Xenomorph from Alien, Leatherface, Triborg and Bo’ Rai Cho.
Players who purchase Kombat Pack 2 will also receive the never-before-released Apocalypse Pack, as well as the following content for Mortal Kombat X:

  • Goro – The feral, four-armed Shokan warrior will be available as a playable combatant.
  • Apocalypse Pack – The Apocalypse Pack features three new character skins, reimagining characters Takeda, D’Vorah and Erron Black with an apocalyptic theme.
  • Brazil Pack – The Brazil Pack features three new character skins: Futbol Cage, Capoeira Liu Kang and Gaucho Kung Lao.
  • Kold War Pack – The Kold War Pack includes three new character skins: Motherland Sonya, Tundra Sub-Zero and Revolution Kano.
  • Kold War Scorpion – Kold War-themed Scorpion character skin.
Mortal Kombat X is NetherRealm Studios’ most recent installment in its legendary, critically acclaimed fighting game franchise that propels the iconic franchise into a new generation. Awarded as the “Best Fighting Game” from 2015 The Game Awards and named one of “2015’s Best Games” from Yahoo! Games, Mortal Kombat X combines cinematic presentation with all new gameplay to deliver the most brutal Kombat experience ever, offering a new fully connected experience that launches players into a persistent online contest where every fight matters in a global battle for supremacy.