Tuesday 8 September 2015

‘Dishonored 2’: New Trailer Breakdown Reveals Additional Gameplay Details [WATCH]

"Dishonored 2" Trailer Breakdown 

One of the many announcements game publisher Bethesda made during its inaugural E3 2015 press conference was that "Dishonored," the hit stealth/action game from developer Arkane Studios, would be getting a proper sequel in 2015. The cinematic trailer that Bethesda unveiled along with the announcement naturally got fans hyped, and now Arkane has revealed just how much the trailer will reflect on the final product.
In a new "trailer breakdown" video, Arkane co-creative director Harvey Smith runs through the major details of the "Dishonored 2" reveal trailer and talks about how they will be presented in the actual game. First off, the transforming clockwork palace shown in the trailer will be an actual level in the game aptly titled "The Clockwork Mansion." The evil inventor seen in the trailer is a disciple of Anton Sokolov, the scientist whom players had to kidnap (and eventually ally with) in the original "Dishonored."
While the city in which "Dishonored 2" takes place relies mainly on wind power, it also imports a fair amount of whale oil, a substance returning from the first game which is used to power the deadly looking new clockwork soldiers seen in the trailer. According to Smith, there will actually be several different versions of the clockwork soldiers, including ones not seen in the trailer, such as a taller, more imposing wooden version with a scary bird-like head.
The two different "faces" each clockwork soldier has (one on the front of its head and one on the back) will actually give them two simultaneous vision cones, making stealth a more challenging option whenever they're present (since sneaking up behind them will be virtually impossible).
You can watch the full trailer breakdown video below. "Dishonored 2" is set to be released sometime in spring, 2016 for Xbox One, PS4 and PC. It will allow players to once again step into the boots of master assassin Corvo Attano as well as new playable protagonist Emily Kaldwin.

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