Tuesday 8 September 2015

Bungie Drops Cinematic Trailer For 'Destiny' Expansion, And It Has Fans Drooling With Anticipation

In exactly one week from today the largest expansion to the mega-hit video game Destiny will be available to players. The expansion – called The Taken King (TKK) – is considered by many to be more than just an expansion and more of a type of sequel; TKK doesn’t just add levels and content but fundamentally changes how many aspects of the game are played.
To its credit, Destiny’s maker – Bungie – has been giving players a steady stream of information to hype TKK ahead of its release, issuing new information almost every day for the last month. Today is no exception, as earlier Bungie dropped the latest – and perhaps final? – The Taken King trailer, and the game’s fans on Reddit are more than stoked.
Bungie has done a good job of using social media to make Destiny attractive to many gamers who would usually turn their noses up at action-oriented shoot-em’-ups by adding mythical, role playing, and other non-traditional elements to the first person game. Its makers have publically acknowledged drawing from influences like Star Wars as a way to flesh out the player experience to make Destiny more immersive, and it seems to have worked.
Non-gaming readers are invited to take a look at the trailer and then see if they aren’t at least a little bit intrigued; gaming readers are already counting the hours until next Tuesday.

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