Wednesday 28 September 2016

STI Pre Exam 2016 Cut-off list Declare


Pre Exam Date :- 19 jun 2016
Final Key :- Download
Cutoff list :- Download Cut-off list

PH Blindness or Low Vision 22
Hearing Impairment 24
Locomotor Disability or Cerebral Palsy 31

'Tales Of Berseria' Release News Update: Trailer Features Velvet’s Origins With English Subtitle [WATCH]

Bandai Namco has released the trailer of "Tales of Berseria," with an English subtitle.

The trailer opens with a girl sitting on a chair when Velvet came. Velvet sees a drawing and the girl tells her that it is a compass. The next sequence sees Arthyr, telling the girl not to disturb Velvet. After that, Velvet sees the red moon, with the girl telling her to run while Arthur kills the girl. Later, the trailer sees Velvet now with her demonic arm.

A sequence follows and it shows a line that reads "There is a flame that won't go out in my heart, no matter how much I want it to." It is followed by the game title, along with a look at the scenes in-game. These include the boat, dynamic sword combat, long-range magical spells against monsters, and the other characters in the game.

As seen in the trailer, "Tales of Berserka" allows its players' characters to fight various monsters and characters in the game. Along with this dynamic element, the game also features visual effects that accompany both physical and special combat moves.

Along with Velvet and other game characters, the trailer concludes with the line "For you to live like yourself and to be yourself, live this story as yourself. So it begins..."

Accoding to Polygon, the game is set to feature chunks of story plot, along with the combat, which includes smashing monsters and taking on a powerful boss. Players may like the character designs and the solid battle system, as per Push Square.

Developed by Bandai Namco, "Tales of Berseria" is set to be released for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and Microsoft Windows in early 2017.

Watch the trailer here.

Wednesday 7 September 2016

BSNL Unveils Rs. 249 Unlimited Broadband Plan for New Customers

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) has unveiled an entry level new promotional broadband plan called Experience Unlimited Broadband 249 (BB249) postpaid. The move can be seen as a bid counteract Reliance Jio's mass appeal, though the state-run telecom operator in a statement says it is aimed at attracting new customers to BSNL's broadband services.

Users will get 2Mbps speed for the first 1GB of data, and thereafter get 1Mbps speed for the rest of the month. This means that if subscribers use about 300GB of data in a month, they are effectively paying less than Rs. 1 per GB of high-speed data.

The plan has been introduced as an introductory offer, and will go live from Friday, September 9. It will last for six months only, after which BSNL will migrate customers to the BBG Combo ULD 499 plan, with a cost of Rs. 499 per month. The BB249 plan also offers unlimited free calls between 9pm to 7am on all Sundays to any network in India. Outside of the free call bracket, BSNL will charge Re. 1 per 3 minutes for all BSNL network outgoing calls, and Rs. 1.2 per 3 minutes for all other network outgoing calls.

The BB249 plan is available new customers only, both ADSL and FTTH. Installation charges will be waived off during the promotional period.

Internet speed test --> speed test

Sunday 4 September 2016


Summer may be winding down, but Camp Crystal Lake is hiring another group of young and nubile counselors. They go through these kids so quickly, thanks to Jason Voorhees. At PAX West, Gun Media released a new trailer from Friday the 13th: The Game that features Jason doing what he does best, and it ain’t camping!

Via Polygon, the latest footage from the game depicts just a few of the new kills designed by SFX designer Tom Savini, who worked on the original Friday the 13th movie as a stuntman before going on to a legendary career as a make-up and special effects artist. Fair warning: this video is a bit NSFW, and it gets pretty brutal. Jason has no mercy, especially not for the blonde guy wearing the ascot. This video is set to Crazy Lixx’s song “XIII,” and it perfectly captures the spirit of the hair metal songs from ’80s horror films.

Savini isn’t the only Friday the 13th veteran who returned for this game. As we noted last yearduring the game’s Kickstarter campaign, Friday the 13th: The Game began as a more generic title before the original film’s director, Sean S. Cunningham offered Gun Media the rights to make it an official adaptation. Former Jason, Kane Hodder even reprised his role for the game’s motion capture, while composer Harry Manfredini also came back to the franchise and laid out some new killer tracks.

You won’t have to wait long to take control of Jason or his would-be victims. Friday the 13th: The Game is coming out for Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC in October. Or if you’re out in the woods, you can just wait for Jason to find you.
What was your favorite Jason kill in this clip? Unleash your thoughts in the comment section below!

World of Final Fantasy Game's PAX West Trailer Previews Anime Cutscenes

Square Enix's North American division began streaming a new trailer on Saturday for the World of Final FantasyPlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita game. Square Enix had debuted the footage during a livestream panel presentation on Saturday at the PAX West convention. The video previews some of the game's anime cutscene footage.
Game director Hiroki Chiba mentioned during the livestream that the game's main story has 30-40 hours of gameplay, and gameplay time including sub-quests, side-stories, and catching all 200 types of Mirages could be up to 100 hours.
This year's 40th issue of Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump magazine is additionally revealing on Monday that Snow from Final Fantasy XIII will appear in the game. Daisuke Ono is reprising the role in Japanese. The issue also reveals that the game will feature Flan Mirages, and also a new Mirage called Mizukaeru (Water Frog).
In the game, Sōma Saitō will play Lann and Sora Amamiya will play Reynn. Additionally Ayana Taketatsu will play the familiar Tama. The English cast members include Josh Keaton as Lann, Amanda Leighton as Reynn, and Lisa Kay Jennings as Tama.
Aoi Mizu (also known as mizuki from her performance of the second Aldnoah.Zero opening theme) performs the opening theme song "Innocent²," composed by Ryo Yamazaki.
The game is slated to release in North America on October 25, in Japan on October 27, and in Europe on October 28.
Square Enix describes the game:
Two siblings journey to a mysterious land to rediscover their lost memories. In this peculiar place where stacking things on one's head is perfectly normal, the young monster tamers will encounter new friends and familiar FINAL FANTASY heroes as they learn the truth about their pasts.
The game's PS4 version will get a Collector's Edition, which, in addition to the game, contains: a pop-up book; an 80-page art book; mini-figures of Squall, Cloud, and Lightning; a 20-track soundtrack; and extra DLC. The extra DLC includes: a Sephiroth summon; Red Bonnetberry, White Chocobo and Glow Moogle mirages; and the original Japanese voice track for the game. The Collector's Edition will cost US$119.99 and is only available for the PS4 version of the game. The European Collector's Edition includes the same extras.

Friday 2 September 2016

BSNL Bill Payment Online at Quick Pay BSNL Bill Portal

BSNL Bill Payment Online Service is called as BSNL Quick Pay. This brings out, most easiest and convenient way for all postpaid customers to make online payment in a secure way. This is available without any registration to pay BSNL landline bill, broadband bill, mobile bill through BSNL portal payment.

With this smart online bsnl bill payment portal. Customers can instantly make their landline bill payment online without Login/Registration through BSNL Quick Pay. Where this bsnl portal payment details will be sent to the Mobile number instantly which provided. At the same time this online payment receipt details for your postpaid number will also be sent to the eMail id provided at the time of registration for Quick Pay BSNL bill payment portal.
BSNL Customers, now allowed to pay all postpaid bills even after Pay By Date. It is through BSNL payment portal, Registered account on login, or improved BSNL Quick Pay option without registration. Subscribers can also be allowed to update their Mobile Number and Subscription for SMS Alerts. This facility is for, to get an SMS for each transaction made at BSNL payment portal.

Telephone subscribers are easily be allowed to pay BSNL Landline bill (Individual), Broadband bill, FiberNet (Fibre to the Home) bill, Corporate Bills, DID Bills. It is just by submitting the Landline/Mobile Number, Email address, and Circle on BSNL Bill Payment Online(QUICKPAY) Portal. This is a hassle free and secured service with out any extra charges for postpaid bill payment online.
BSNL Bill Payment Online Process at Quick Pay BSNL Portal

Log on to Online Bill Payment BSNL Portal (

Select Individual Bills / FTTH Bills, Corporate Bills, DID Bills as per your service.
Enter Telephone number with STD code with out zero(4024XXXXXX) in Pay For Phone Number.
Go to Communication Details.
Enter Valid Email address to receive paid receipts.
Enter Mobile Number to receive paid transaction alert.
Enter the captca code given.
Click on Submit, then the customer will get the details(Name, Invoice amount, Pay By Date, Date of Bill etc..)
Click on PAY NOW
Then you will get the Payment Options as below in Step 1
Internet Banking (allowed more than 50 banks)
Credit Card (American Express, Diners Club International, Visa, MasterCard)
Debit Card (Maestro, MasterCard, Ru pay, Visa)
Cash Card
After Selecting the above payment option in Step1. Customer will be allowed to select the desired payment gateway with array of payment options for authorising BSNL bill payment.
Select Tech process or Bill Desk
Continue for Payment
Then immediately, user can redirected to another page of Net banking / Debit / Credit card as per request for authorising the bill payments. After successful completion of BSNL portal payment. User is redirected to view the 'Digital RECEIPT DETAILS (Receipt Number, Transaction No, Bill Number, Bill Date, Unique ID, Telephone Number, Bank Transaction ID, Bill Paid Amount, Paid Date) for bill paid.
Telecom Customers of all the Circles (Andhra Pradesh, Chennai, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamilnadu, Haryana, Punjab, UP(West), UP(East), Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Kolkata, Orissa, Bihar, West Bengal, Adman Nicobar, Assam, Jharkhand, North East) can avail this BSNL bill payment online facility through secure bsnl payment portal for Landline, broadband, Fibernet, WiMax and bsnl mobile services.

Important Notes

There is a possibility of link getting disconnected, during returning from the BANK after successful BSNL portal payment. 
In that case, user will not be able to see the 'Digital Receipt' of the BSNL bill payment made. Since the portal system will not know the details of the transaction made. If this occurs, PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT to pay the bill again.
BSNL portal payment system will shortly receive the confirmation from the BANK, through alternative backup channel. And the receipt will be sent to user registered email id with in a short time.
In case previous bills amount had already been paid and not updated in bsnl payment portal. 
Please visit nearest BSNL cash counter to pay the current bill amount, or else pay the total amount. Where the excess paid amount would be automatically adjusted in next coming BSNL Bill.
If any complaints on landline bill or broadband bill or any transactions made through Quick Pay BSNL Bill Payment Portal. It is regarding your money debited from your bank account /credit / debit card and not generated the receipts.

Please logon to complaint portal of BSNL and lodge your complaint regarding BSNL online payment. So that with in a short time, your paid details will be adjusted / updated or refunded to your account. This will be happened only, if you have done your BSNL bill payment online at Quick Pay BSNL payment portal.

Internet speed test --> speed test

BSNL Broadband Data Usage Check Online at BSNL Portal

BSNL Broadband customers in many are searching about for a live bsnl portal to check bsnl usage and the process for, how to check BSNL broadband data usage in their account online or with an text based SMS services. To facilitate that for internet users, our ISP provides BSNL Selfcare portal to check data usage online at any time.

Many BSNL broadband internet customers are worrying like this also. How much broadband data usage takes place in my number for this month as on date, when our free limit crossed and how much excess bills are coming for our internet data usage upto now, and what are the steps involved for online bsnl portal selfcare account to know and avoid unauthorized usage of my broadband connection?.

It is always good for regular bsnl broadband data usage check, to know the usage pattern, By keeping this regular check on BSNL Broadband data usage, will helps the subscriber to ensure that nobody is abusing and making unauthorized use of broadband account also.

For all these queries, Now there is no need to worry and for about excess broadband usage takes place in a particular period. To make a full stop for all these worries, our PSU comes out with two best options as follows for BSNL broadband data usage check on daily basis at any time in a simple way.

BSNL Portal (BSNL Selfcare Account) data usage check on Login.
Internet Data Usage Check through simple SMS.

Here is a fully illustrated process guide to check bsnl broadband internet usage in above mentioned two ways with below simple process.

How to Check BSNL Broadband Data Usage Online

This bsnl selfcare portal requires the broadband user to be registered, this new portal provides broadband usage and landline customer details upto date and the facilities like Complaints, Broadband Plan Change, View Bills, BSNL Bill Payment, Check Broadband Unbilled Usage, Update Profile, Track Orders/Complaints Online, Change Broadband Password etc.., through login to their home circle respective link as follows. for South Zone(Andhra Pradesh, Chennai, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamilnadu, Telangana) customers for North Zone(Haryana, Punjab, UP(West), UP(East), Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan, Jammu Kashmir, Uttaranchal) customers for West Zone(Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Gujarat) customers for East Zone(Kolkata, Orissa, Bihar, West Bengal, Adman Nicobar, Assam, Jharkhand, North East ) BSNL customers

After registration into respective selfcare portal website, broadband internet customer can login to their BSNL Portal (BSNL Selfcare Account) with their own user id and password which was created, and follow this step by step process.

Go to Service
My Services
Check My Broadband Unbilled Usage Details

then you will be opened with another page having date option, enter your dates here, immediately your BSNL Broadband Data Usage which is unbilled will be displayed with consumed bytes along Login and Logout time of the user.

Check BSNL Broadband Usage through SMS
For BSNL Mobile Customer (Registration is Mandatory)

Step-1: Register land-line number by sending SMS "REG space Landline Number prefixed with STD code" to 52295 i.e. REG<space><STD code with Landline No> (Telephone Number means your Broadband Landline number) to 52295.

Example: To register landline number 23455555 in Hyderabad, subscriber will send SMS as REG<space>04023455555 to 52295.

Step-2: After obtaining SMS of sucessfully registration send SMS "BBU space Landline Number prefixed with STD code" to 52295 i.e. BBU<space><STD code with Landline No>(Landline No means your Broadband Landline number)to 52295 for obtaining Broadband data usage. 

Example: To know Broadband data usage of landline number 23455555 in Hyderabad, subscriber will send SMS as BBU<space>04023455555 to 52295.
For Non-BSNL(Other Operator) Mobile Customer(Registration is Mandatory)

Step-1: Register Land-line number by sending SMS as "REG space Landline Number prefixed with STD code" to 919448077777 i.e.REG<space><STD code with Landline No>to 09448077777.

Example: To register land-line number 23455555 in Hyderabad, Broadband Customer will send an SMS as
REG<space>04023455555 to 09448077777.Step-2: After obtaining SMS of sucessfully registration send SMS as "BBU space Landline Number prefixed with STD code" to 09448077777 i.e. BBU<space><STD code with Landline No (Landline No means your Broadband Landline number) to 09448077777 for obtaining Broadband data usage.

Example: To know Broadband data usage of land-line number 23455555 in Hyderabad , BB customer will send SMS as BBU<space>04023455555to 09448077777.with these above procedures, internet customers can check bsnl broadband data usage online at anytime from anywhere across the world on login to bsnl portal selfcare account and with simple SMS from India.

Apart from this BSNL Broadband Data Usage Check Online at Selfcare Portal, ISP launches new BSNL Portal Websites with most required facilities to their internet customers with high speed easy navigation, having upto date options like Apply BSNL broadband connection online with Latest BSNL broadband plans, along with most used and required bsnl portal to pay the telephone bills on BSNL Online Bill Payment, which provides most convenient and secure access for bill payment with immediate updation into BSNL accounts.

High Speed broadband internet users, who subscribes with Limited and Unlimited Volume based BSNL Internet Plans which are in FUP limit can helps to keep control on internet downloads and avoid excess bills for limited users by following this simple above illustrated process for BSNL broadband data usage check online with login to most advantageous selfcare BSNL Portal.

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BSNL Broadband Apply Online | New Process at Portal

Now-a-days we all feel technology is bringing people from distance places to near to us.. this is true but along with it, the fact is, we are unable to find time even for small activities, finding time for workouts or even to apply for New BSNL Broadband Connection, this is true - so that, we all expect some of these things to be Online with BSNL Portal or any, to get Best Broadband Connection at our door step with latest BSNL Internet Plans over ADSL and Fiber to Home Services along with BSNL Online Paymentfacility.

Many customers think about how to get new BSNL connection & how to apply online for new broadband connection, Considering all these, being a PSU BSNL also giving Online Apply provision named UDAAN for applying New BSNL Broadband service. Its is just like a service at your door step. This is a major breakthrough from a traditional Govt Organisation. To get BSNL Broadband by Applying Online with any Latest BSNL Internet Plans along Free Landline & more Free Calls, you have to proceed as mentioned below

Now registering for Landline or BSNL Broadband / FTTH in Online BSNL Portal is made very easy with new Online Application. So follow any ONE option with two simple modes as follows. BSNL Sales team will come to your DoorStep to collect documents and provide BSNL New Broadband Connection.
Option 1: Simply Fill the Details with BSNL Portal UDAAN Online Application Form at to book New ADSL / FTTH BSNL Broadband Connection

Clink on the Respective BSNL Zone applicable with your circle. A new application window will be opened to enter your details.
Select your Circle, Then your District, Feed the details like Name, Mobile Number, and Email, Land line number if exists.
Select the service which you want to get ( BSNL Broadband, Landline, FiberNet(FTTH), ISDN, VPNoBB and Others) Apply Online, you can avail any BSNL service listed in the site.
Give the address details clearly in capital letters with your District/Area Pincode to identify your area and assign concern person who can identity your location and also the Time Slot which is comfortable to you(if required).
And Finally click Submit button and wait for a message and with in 48 hrs you will receive a call from BSNL to collect the documents for provision of new BSNL Services.

Option 2: simply send SMS the following to 54141 (BSNL mobile)/ 9400054141 (other operators like airtel,vodafone,aircel..etc) 

LL for Only Landline Connection.
BB for Only BroadBand Connection on existing Landline.
LL+BB for New LANDLINE & BROADBAND Connection.
OTHERS for any other like EVDO, WIMAX, 3G DATA Card etc...
Ex:-Send LL+BB to 54141 for New Landline with Broadband

So every/any customer can avail this easy facility to Apply Online for BSNL Broadband provided by our own PSU, for which is emerging to the heights, targeting for Good QoS(Quality of Services) and at understandable Customer Support for Best Broadband Services with Latest High Speed BSNL Internet Plans along with other services like BSNL Landline, Broadband, wireless device BSNL 3G Datacards and many more with BSNL Portal named UDAAN.

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BSNL Prepaid Broadband Plans - Limited Unlimited Internet Tariff

BSNL Prepaid Broadband Plans for Limited and Unlimited Internet usage introduced by our telecom brand in 2012 with high speed bandwidth at more attractive and cheapest rates applicable for all Home and Business (Commercial) Broadband users.

BSNL Broadband Prepaid Plans for Home and Business starts with a minimum broadband recharge amount of Rs 200(BBV RL 200)and maximum of Rs. 3000(BBV RL 3000) from 256 Kbps to 8Mbps high download speed accordingly which allows Prepaid Broadband Top Up facility also at any time.

Installation charges and Modem charges for BSNL Prepaid Broadband Plans shall be collected in advance through Demand Note through the local commercial system at the time of application for Prepaid BB connection. In case of customer having his/her own modem, only Installation charges shall be collected in advance through Demand Note through the local commercial system at the time of application for new broadband connection with any BSNL Prepaid Broadband Plans.

Latest BSNL Prepaid Broadband Plans and Tariff 
Installation charge Rs. 250/- (Service Tax extra) 
Modem charges for outright purchase ADSL Basic costs Rs. 1400/- and ADSL WiFi costs Rs. 2100/- with Inclusive of VAT/Sales Tax 
Activation Charges to be collected through Demand note of Rs 100/- 
Activation Initial benefit Free Usage 400 MB which is valid for 30 days 

II. Creation of BSNL Prepaid Broadband account

The creation of Prepaid Broadband account will be FREE of any charges (other than mentioned at A above) and the account will be created with complementary balance of 50 MB and with validity of 15 days from the date of creation.

Voucher Type Download Speed MRP of Voucher in Rs. (with S.Tax) Data Usage Validity in days GP-1* GP-2**
BBV RL 200 Upto 2 Mbps 200 700MB 30 15 30
BBV RL 250 Upto 2 Mbps 250 1.5 GB 15 15 30
BBV RL 350 Upto 2 Mbps 350 2.5 GB 15 15 30
BBV RL 450 Upto 2 Mbps 450 3 GB 30 15 30
BBV RL 600 Upto 2 Mbps 600 5 GB 30 15 30
BBV RULG 625 Upto 256Kbps 625 Unlimited 20 15 30
BBV RL 800 Upto 4 Mbps 800 8 GB 15 15 30
BBV RULG 990 Upto 512Kbps 990 Unlimited 20 15 30
BBV RL 1500 Upto 8 Mbps 1,500 25 GB 15 15 30
BBV RULG1600 Upto 1 Mbps 1,600 Unlimited 20 15 30
BBV RL 1750 Upto 2 Mbps 1,750 16 GB 90 15 30
BBV RL 1800 Upto 2 Mbps 1,800 7 GB 180 15 30
BBV RL 3000 Upto 2 Mbps 3,000 13 GB 360 15 30

For limited plans, balance usage available if any will be carried forward, in case of recharge within the Grace Period *GP-1 (i.e. 15 days). Beyond 15 days (*GP-1), balance usage available if any will not be carried forward, but the customer can recharge his account upto another 45 days (** GP-2). After expiry of the additional grace period of 45 days (**GP-2), the account of the customer shall be deleted from the system. 

IV. BSNL Broadband Prepaid Top up and Validity Vouchers for Volume Based Plans

Top UP Vouchers
Voucher Type MRP of Voucher in Rs. (with S.Tax) Data Usage in GB
BBV Topup 200 200 2
BBV Topup 375 375 5
Validity Vouchers
Voucher Type MRP of Voucher in Rs. (with S.Tax) Validity in days
BB Validity 100 100 15

Top up vouchers of BSNL Prepaid Broadband Plans shall be available for additional data usage without any change in validity and Validity and Top Up Voucher shall not be applicable to those using unlimited usage.

V. E-Mail ID On request by the customer, an email id with 5MB mail space shall be given in domain.

VI. Renewal / Recharge of BSNL Prepaid Broadband Plan account
The customer can recharge his account online from BSNL Portal after purchasing the voucher either through BSNL CSC or other retail outlets and view the procedure for Recharge.

Internet customers of Home and Business who subscribes with any of the above BSNL Prepaid Broadband Plans can also have a superb choice to opt for BSNL Postpaid Broadband Services from all Rural and Urban areas on migration, by opting for cheapest BSNL Broadband Plans under postpaid services accordingly to their usage as per the convenience, by getting an option to check the broadband data usage with BSNL Data Usage check portal in daily basis upto date.

Internet speed test --> speed test

BSNL Broadband Plan Change Online with New Internet Plans

BSNL facilitates their most valued customers with user friendly customer services, by allowing the existing BSNL Broadband Plan Change Online of existing to new, at any time on any device (Desktop/Laptop/Tablet/Smartphone etc..) with available login to BSNL Portal account in a simple way with all applicable New Internet Plans having Limited and Unlimited usage.

BSNL Broadband Plan Change Online facility will gives major relief for most of the broadband customers, who haves no time due to their works for submitting a request for plan change at their concerned bsnl offices.

This BSNL Broadband Plan Change Online facility will be available for all broadband customers of all BSNL circles across India, for that BSNL customer has just logon to respective selfcare portal as mentioned below of their concerned zone and register as new user at BSNL Portal by filling the details(not required for already register user). for BSNL South Zone (Andhra Pradesh, Chennai, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamilnadu) customers. for BSNL North Zone (Haryana, Punjab, UP(West), UP(East), Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan, Jammu & Kashmir) customers. for BSNL West Zone (Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Chattishgarh, Gujarat ) customers. for BSNL East Zone (Kolkata, Orissa, Bihar, West Bengal, Andaman Nicobar, Assam, Jharkhand, North East ) customers.

After registration into Selfcare portal, BSNL Broadband user has to sign in using with registered user name and password, then do the following simple steps for plan migration with new benefits.

Click Service on the left side at top of the page
Click on Submit a Service Request in My Services

Then My Service Requests Page will open

Select your Service Id from drop down menu display, after selecting Service ID, a small new window with Landline & Account No will open, Click OK to confirm, then the address details will be displayed.

Select Request Type as Change of Broadband Plan, then your existing broadband plan details will be displayed.
Select New Broadband Plan with your required plan from all the plans displayed at the right side dropdown menu.
After giving relevant data, click on Submit.

After completion of these 4 steps,then you will a service request number. On next working day, BSNL official will contact you over mobile phone number, which you have already provided, for confirmation about your BSNL Broadband Plan change, then after your confirmation, your plan change will gets completed to enjoy the new plan benefits.

New deposits/charges if any, according with new plans, will be charged in next coming telephone bill, so that, you can pay this with Online Bill Payment or directly at BSNL cash counters. Subscribers can change their existing plans to new required BSNL Broadband Plans from any where in the world through web via BSNL Selfcare Portal at any time with out any tension for BSNL broadband plan change online with required BSNL internet plans.

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BSNL Latest Broadband Plans | Apply Online at BSNL Portal

India’s largest broadband subscriber base ISP offers BSNL Latest Broadband Plans 2016 in mesmeric type on Landline and Fiber Network, suits each and every need for Home and Business Internet, which are quite captivating for the customers across India. PSU offers these BSNL Latest Broadband Plans at Cheapest Tariff Rates under Prepaid and Postpaid Internet Services by enabling all customers to apply online at BSNL portal for new broadband connection to home or any business.

Telecom major presents cost bearable BSNL latest broadband plans towards rendering advanced internet technology to its subscribers with Free Landline connection in India. BSNL also offering varieties of internet plans under Prepaid and Postpaid services, to provide Limited / Unlimited Internet for both purposes of Home (household) and Business (Office) subscribers.

BSNL is having huge variety of advanced technology commodities and internet resources which are very much appealing and satisfactory in Rural and Urban areas. To provide all services at an affordable cost with cheapest rates to a customer, ISP offers best rated BSNL Broadband Plans and Modems for subscription.

BSNL latest broadband plans, Apply Online at BSNL Portal

Telecom major offers Best BSNL Broadband Plans with super fast download speed to subscribers for Home and Business with the below mentioned internet packages comprise of bandwidth speed atleast 1Mbps and utmost 24Mbps in DSL technology and upto 100Mbps through Fibernet. Where subscribers can select whatsoever plan fitting their requisite and accords with the usage of internet data by subscribing.

BSNL also facilitates two choices in obtaining BSNL broadband data usage on regular basis. It is constantly desirable to incessantly affirm the broadband data usage account to keep in track of usage structure. This in turn assists the customer to hold assurance on internet downloads and uploads when subscribed to a BSNL Limited based Volume grounded Broadband Plans and control on unlimited usage to avoid FUP limit cross.
BSNL Internet required Customers on Landline and Fiber Network, can now apply broadband at BSNL Portal or by approaching concerned area Customer Service Center for availing super fast broadband services with any above BSNL latest broadband plans for home and business applicable for all Rural and Urban areas with Free Landline connection having unlimited free night calling.

BSNL customers will also facilitates to pay the BSNL bills online to avoid rush to counters for payment of BSNL broadband bills with hassle free transactions on secure mechanism. So lets join together and subscribe for BSNL latest broadband plans to avail ultra speed internet facility with minimum of 1Mbps at best prices never given and be a part in national growth.

Internet speed test --> speed test

BSNL Broadband Plans Unlimited Internet for Home

BSNL Broadband Plans, the reliable tariff offered by high-speed internet access service provider with unlimited internet for home and business. Public Sector Undertaking provides this broadband schemes at cheapest fixed monthly charges by providing free BSNL landline connection.

ISP introduces these particular plans with high-speed internet connectivity from 1 Mbps to 24 Mbps download speed (bandwidth). So that the customer has a choice to choose the best BSNL broadband plan.

PSU allows more free calls in each internet plan for every Rural and Urban area customers across India. Also allows all BSNL broadband plans customer with most required online bill payment facility along with unlimited free calling.

The voice of customer about BSNL broadband is, "BSNL the best internet for every home/business at anywhere in India". This broadband unlimited home plans and business tariff are "More Pocket-Friendly Plans" at most reduced prices in our country.

India's number one internet service provider offers upgraded bandwidth in each of unlimited internet BSNL broadband plans like BBG UL 545, BBG Combo UL 675, BBG ULD 795, BBG Combo ULD 845, BBG Combo ULD 945, BBG Combo ULD 999. Also BBG ULD1275, BBG Combo ULD 1441, 1445, 1495, 2091, 2799 and BBG ULD 1891 for all including commercial customers by allowing free static IP in some plans.

Telecom giant offers unlimited internet through landline telephone copper network with free calls to the customers under ADSL services. These provided BSNL broadband plans are plentiful and attractive at an affordable monthly budget.

ISP allows standard and combo BSNL internet plans, having unlimited uploads/downloads for every home and business user. The below mentioned cheapest high-speed internet packs are the standard BSNL Broadband Plans in 2016.

These postpaid BSNL broadband plans are available at the lowest price for WiFi /normal internet connection to all customers of Andaman Nicobar, Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Bangalore, Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Gujarat, Haryana, HP, Jammu Kashmir, Jharkhand, Karnataka, Kerala, Kolkata, MP, Maharashtra, Pune, N.E. I and II, Odisha, Punjab, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, UP East West, Uttaranchal and West Bengal with reliable BSNL WiFi modems at best price and with cash back offers now available in the market.

However, the rental charges for BSNL broadband plans in AP / Telangana, Odisha, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Bijnore of UP West and Tamil Nadu circles will differ along with new speeds for some of these schemes.

Existing customers also facilitate for BSNL broadband plans change online to any other plan for reliable internet in this 2016. The new online system will ease the client to avail any unlimited internet plans 2016 through online only.

Mentioned BSNL broadband plans monthly rental fees are exclusive of service tax, Which should be as per prevailing tariff rates. Security deposit for Local/STD/ISD facility and BSNL installation charges are applicable and charged for the customer through BSNL Bill.

The major thing is, PSU now allows all these schemes through Fibre to Home also, if technically feasible. Where this tariff is not applicable for BSNL broadband prepaid plans.

So have a look at the excellent BSNL broadband plans tariff as below and enjoy unlimited free call. Presently this free calling is available to any network landline and mobile in India from 9 PM to 7 AM on all weekdays, and during 24 hours (day and night) on Sundays.

Unlimited Internet Tariff for Home and Business
Plan Name BBG
UL 545
UL 675
ULD 845
ULD 945
ULD 999
Download Speed with FUP Limit upto 2 Mbps till 1GB Upto 2Mbps till 8GB Upto 2Mbps till 6GB Upto 2Mbps till 8GB Upto 4Mbps till 8GB Upto 4Mbps till 20GB
Speed after FUP Limit 1 Mbps
Monthly Charges 545 675 795 845 945 999 1275
Annual Payment Option 5995 7425 8745 9295 10395 10989 14025
Two Years Payment 11445 14175 16695 17745 19845 20979 26775
Three Years Payment 16350 20250 23850 25350 28350 29970 38250
Free Email IDs/Space 1 /1GB 2/1GB 1 / 1 GB 2 /1GB
Static IP Address Charges per year in Rs. Not Applicable 1 at 2000
Telephone Rent As per Landline Plan Nil As per LL Plan Nil As per LL Plan
Free Calls for BSNL Nil 100 Nil Nil 350 400 Nil
Particulars BBG
Combo ULD 1441
BBG Combo ULD1445 BBG Combo ULD1495 BBG Combo ULD 2799 BBG Combo ULD 2091 BBG ULD 1891
Bandwidth with FUP Limit Upto 8Mbps till 15GB Upto 2Mbps till 20GB Upto 4Mbps till 30GB# 4Mbps till 30GB 4Mbps upto 80GB Upto 4Mbps upto 80GB
FUP Speed 1Mbps 2Mbps 1Mbps
Monthly rental fees Rs 1441 1445 1495 2799 2091 1891
1 Year Payment 15851 15895 16445 30789 23001 20801
2 Years Payment 30261 30345 31395 58779 Nil 39711
3 Years Payment 43230 43350 44850 83970 56730
Free Email IDs/Space (Per ID) 1 / 1GB 2/1GB 1 / 1GB
Static IP Address Charges per Year 1 at Rs.2000 1 @ Rs.1800
Telephone Rent NIL As per Landline Plan
Free Calls for BSNL 500 250 250 250 1000
Other BB Plans
(8Mbps to 24Mbps
DL Speed)
High speed BSNL wireless broadband plans

ULD stands for unlimited internet with differential speed. DL = Download, UL = Upload. MCU = Meter Call Unit. FMC = Fixed Monthly Charges and Land/Fixed Line Plan = BSNL Landline Plan Urban or Rural (whichever applicable).

Important notes on BSNL broadband plans

  • In these unlimited BSNL broadband plans, all telephone calls charged at Rs.1 per MCU for the own network after free. For all other networks, it is 1.2 rupee per MCU.
  • In NCR SSAs (only in Faridabad, Ghaziabad, Gurgaon, and Noida), available free calls under combo tariff offered as 50% calls within own network and 50% for other n/w from 01.04.2013.
BSNL broadband plans customer was also allowed to pay their internet bills through BSNL bill payment portal on login with registration or BSNL quick bill pay without registration. It is the easiest, secure and convenient way for payment of BSNL bills for landline(bb), FTTH, and WiMax Connections.

Internet required customers in many from various circles across India thinks about, how to apply for BSNL broadband service online. It is either for ADSL or Fibre to Home unlimited internet connection. It should be without going to an office.

For this, PSU comes with a new innovative idea. Facilitates the customers to apply BSNL broadband directly online. It is also from any registered BSNL Portal account with this new home or business unlimited internet BSNL broadband plans.

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