Sunday 13 March 2016

'Battlefield 5' release date news: Game reportedly set in WWI and launching in Q3


"Battlefield 5" will be EA DICE's new multiplayer FPS game, the follow-up to the massively successful "Star Wars Battlefront" and "Battlefield Hardlines," the latter of which just saw the release of its last DLC expansion. According to a report from Gaming Bolt, the fifth main title will be released by the third quarter of this year.
EA DICE has yet to make any official announcements but the information has already been leaked online. Twitter user Liam Robertson posted a screen capture of German retail site World of Games in which "Battlefield 5" was listed for an Oct. 26 release. The site has since altered this, removing the specific release window.
The leaked photo also reveals that "Battlefield 5" is touted to be set in World War I, a peculiar setting given that most first-person shooters are set in World War II, the modern day or in a futuristic sci-fi setting. This is because many of the automatic and powerful guns were invented in World War II, limiting the kinds of arsenal that could be used in a World War I setting.
An Oct. 26 release date would fall in line with what Blake Jorgensen, CFO of EA Games, stated in the report from Gaming Bolt. 
"We have a great year ahead," Jorgensen stated. "We have 'Battlefield,' our first person shooter game coming in the third quarter and third party title, Respawn, our partner that builds 'Titanfall.' Both are first person shooters and will be targeted at fast, action driven shooter market as well as strategy driven market."
Unfortunately, EA DICE has yet to make any official comments regarding the leaked release date and the company has yet to confirm or deny if the game is indeed being set in World War I. More information is likely to be officially announced as October draws near, with the possibility of an announcement trailer revealing the game's setting and gameplay features.