Wednesday 23 September 2015

Game of the year edition of Dragon Age: Inquisition release on 6th october

As the third entry of the Dragon Age series, Dragon Age: Inquisition continues the story of Corypheus, introduced in the Dragon Age 2 DLC called Legacy, and his ascent to power. In Inquisition, the Inquisitor takes up arms and forms an army to defeat the darkspawn mage before the rifts opening all across Thedas destroy normal life.
Nearly a year after its release, a Game of the Year Edition of Dragon Age: Inquisition is scheduled to release next month on PC, Playstation 4, and Xbox One. On October 6, players can pick up Dragon Age: Inquisition, its three major story-based DLCs, and its other gear-based DLC in one boxed copy or digital download. The availability of the Game of the Year Edition as both physical and digital was confirmed on the Twitter account for the Dragon Age series.
As PCGamer points out, the Game of the Year Edition of Dragon Age: Inquisition will retail for $60; however, international price points have not been confirmed. That price includes, as stated, the three major story-based DLCs for the game; Jaws of Hakkon, The Descent, and Trespasser. Jaws of Hakkon adds a few hours of gameplay as the Inquisitor and friends travel to southern Thedas to find out what happened to a previous Inquisitor while exploring an area filled with Avvar. The Descent sends the protagonist and companions down into the Deep Roads where encounters with darkspawn are guaranteed, and Trespasser occurs after the main story of Dragon Age: Inquisition is completed. This final piece of DLC wraps up the Inquisitor’s story while pitting players against a familiar race of foes.
Dragon Age: Inquisition
A pride demon in Dragon Age: Inquisition
Additionally, the Game of the Year Edition includes the two Spoils DLCs Spoils of the Avvar and Spoils of the Qunari. These two packs add mounts, Skyhold options, armor for the Inquisitor, and schematics to create more armor for the Inquisitor’s companions. Players that purchase this edition of the game will have access to all of it for the base price of a game.
On the official Dragon Age website, new players can check out even more details on what there is to do and accomplish in Dragon Age: Inquisition. Players will start out by making their own Inquisitor, recruit new companions to aid the Inquisition, and begin their journey to save Thedas. Of course, BioWare emphasizes choice, dragons are a very real threat to the party, and the co-op multiplayer will be there before or after the main campaign is finished.
The Game of the Year announcement comes as no surprise considering BioWare recently stated that there will be no more story-based DLC. As the Inquisitr reported, multiplayer challenges will likely continue for some time, but eventually even those will stop as well. Luckily, the co-op multiplayer element of Dragon Age: Inquisition does not solely rely on the challenges BioWare runs each weekend. Players will still be able to complete matches, earn gold, and buy chests after those events cease.

The Sims 4 Expansion Packs release date, Game Packs, Stuff Packs & new features: When is The Sims 4 Get Together coming out? 

The Sims 4, the latest instalment in the hugely popular life simulation game franchise, was announced by EA in May 2013 but didn't hit the shelves until September 2014, followed by the Mac release in February 2015. But when are the Sims 4 expansion packs coming out, and what will they be called? Here, we bring you the official Sims 4 release date news, and also take a closer look at the new features, screenshots and trailers for the PC game.

The Sims 4 release date: When is the next Sims 4 expansion pack coming out?
EA first announced that The Sims 4 was in development in May 2013, and suggested that we'd see the game in early 2014. It actually launched later than expected, in September, but only for PC. Then, on 17 February 2015, the game arrive on Mac as a digital download from the Origin store. If you already downloaded the game for PC but now wish to play it on your Mac, you can do so simply by using the product code on the box. All buyers of the Mac version will get a PC copy and vice versa.
You can buy The Sims 4 from Origin here, or from Amazon here.
On 2 April, owners of The Sims 4 could also download the first full expansion pack for the game, adding lots of new features. It's called The Sims 4: Get To Work, and introduces new career paths for Sims. The Sims 4: Get To Work expansion pack is available from the Origin store for both PC and Mac for £22.49 here.
The second expansion pack for The Sims 4 was announced in August. It's called Get Together, and is set to be released in November 2015 (although no specific release date has been announced yet). You can find out more about The Sims 4 Get Together by reading on, and it's available to pre-order now here.

Project Morpheus price, specs, features and release date: PlayStation VR could cost £350

Everything you need to know about Project Morpheus/PlayStation VR before its release next year

Page 1 of 3 Project Morpheus price, specs, features and release date: PlayStation VR could cost £350

Last week, Sony announced that Project Morpheus will officially be called PlayStation VR, and further details about Sony’s PlayStation 4 virtual reality headset have now surfaced.
While the name might not be that exciting, the new possibilities that the headset could bring to gaming certainly are. Be it PlayStation VR or Project Morpheus, here’s everything we know about Sony’s VR headset.

Project Morpheus / PlayStation VR at a glance:

  • Powered by the PlayStation 4
  • Launching in 2016
  • Will use existing PlayStation Move controllers

Latest news: Project Morpheus / PlayStation VR Price
Project Morpheus release date, price and features - Now called PlayStation VR

Sony has given its first indication of PlayStation VR/Project Morpheus’ asking price. In an interview with Bloomberg conducted at the PlayStation Japan’s Tokyo Game Show keynote, Sony Computer Entertainment’s chief executive officer Andrew House revealed that the company’s first headset “will be priced as a new gaming platform.”
While it’s not the precise figure we hoped for, it’s the most information we’ve ever had about the cost of the device.
A look at the prices of the past and present PlayStation consoles can provide some insight. The PlayStation 4 retailed for £349 when released, while the PlayStation Vita set early adopters back around £180. Going a generation further back, the PlayStation 3 cost a huge £425, the highest price of any dedicated PlayStation console.
Thanks to its first generation status and sophisticated technology, it’s likely the PlayStation VR’s price will register on the upper end of that scale. That may seem like a lot, but when compared to the Oculus Rift – which will allegedly cost $1,500 to set up, including a computer – a figure of £700-800 for a PS4-powered VR experience is a bargain.

Project Morpheus / PlayStation VR: release date

Project Morpheus release date, price and features - Shuhei Yoshia GDC Announcement
According to Facebook post by Dennis Castleman, a hardware R&D engineer at Sony Computer Entertainment, PlayStation VR will be released in 2016:
“I’ve been working on Sony’s Project Morpheus for three years. It’s going to go to market in 2016. It’s a bit different for things like cell phones or established technologies. When I was designing televisions, it was usually 18 months to get a new model into production. A VR HMD is a bit different. It also takes time for the component vendors to ramp up for million-unit volumes.”
Castleman also confirmed the actual hardware development of PlayStation VR is finished, and that Sony is now waiting for a critical mass of software before launch. “In our case, the HMD hardware is ready to go. We’re just waiting for the game titles to catch up with the hardware,” he added.
Significantly, this shows that Sony is treating PlayStation VR much like a console release. Rather than beating its competitors to the market, Sony has decided to wait and launch strongly, with a roster of killer apps. With the better-known Oculus Rift on the way, it could make all the difference.

Project Morpheus / PlayStation VR: design

Project Morpheus release date, price and features - PlayStation VR test room
The main body of PlayStation VR is a black curved visor, with white, LED-illuminated edging, which is held on with a strap that goes all the way round the head. Unlike the Gear VR and Oculus Rift, there's no top strap running from the front to the back of the head, but there is a little cap extending from the top of the visor which helps hold it on securely. While there don’t appear to be any headphones integrated into the PlayStation headset, Sony has actually included bone conduction headphone technology into the headband.
The sensor on the back of the head is also a tad bulky, but other than that, Project Morpheus looks sleek, well-designed and visually appealing. It's lighter and more comfortable than the Oculus Rift DK2, and the slit at the bottom of the player's field allows for more light bleeding in than other headsets, which could be an effort to reduce motionsickness.

Microsoft Lumia 550 Press Photos Leaked In Black, Blue, White And Red Hues, Alongside Specs

Microsoft Lumia 550 Red 

In addition to the long-rumored flagship Microsoft Lumia 950 and the jumbo sibling Lumia 950 XL, the tech giant will apparently be releasing a slew of Windows 10 based smartphones later this year. One such device is the entry-level handset, called “Microsoft Lumia 550.”
Alleged renders of the Microsoft Lumia 550 have been unearthed by WMPowerUser, showcasing the handset in four colors namely Black, Blue, White and Red. Going by the leaked images, the upcoming Lumia handset does not look very different from the other entry-level handsets from Microsoft. The Lumia 550 is the successor of the well-received Lumia 540.
As far as the key Lumia 550 specifications go, the device will apparently come with a pocket-friendly 4.7-inch AMOLED display, aided by a solid 720 x 1,280 pixels screen resolution. Under the hood, the handset will be powered by a quad-core (Qualcomm Snapdragon 210) processor, clocked at 1.2 GHz and backed by 1 GB of RAM.
When it comes to camera specification, Phone Arena reported that the Lumia 550 will sport a 5-megapixel rear-facing sensor, in addition to a 1.2-megapixel front-facing snapper for selfies. Furthermore, the phone is believed to come equipped with 8 GB of built-in storage space and microSD card slot for further expansion.
The icing on the cake, however, is the support for LTE connectivity on the entry-level device. Microsoft will apparently make the Lumia 550 available as both single SIM and dual SIM variants.
Speaking of Lumia 550 release date, Microsoft is expected to make an October debut for the device. Meanwhile, the Windows 10 OS will reportedly be released on Oct. 6, alongside the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL.

Policy proposes storage of all messages on WhatsApp, Google Chat, yahoo messenger etc for 90 days

Every message that you send--be it through WhatsApp, SMS, Email or any such service--must be mandatorily stored in plain text format for 90 days and made available on demand to security agencies under a draft New Encryption Policy that has triggered privacy concerns.

Legal action that could also include imprisonment has been proposed in the draft policy unveiled by the government for failure to store and produce on demand the encrypted messages sent from any mobile device or computer. The policy also wants everyone to hand over their encryption keys to the Government.

The draft proposes that users of encrypted messaging service on demand should reproduce same text, transacted during a communication, in plain format before law enforcement agencies and failing which the government can take legal action as per the laws of the country.

The proposed policy, issued by the Department of Electronics and Information Technology, would apply to everyone including government departments, academic institutions, citizens and for all kind of communications -- be it official or personal.

Generally, all the modern messaging services like WhatsApp, Viber, Line, Google Chat, Yahoo messenger etc, come with high level of encryption and many a time security agencies find it hard to intercept these messages.

"All information shall be stored by the concerned B/C entity for 90 days from the date of transaction and made available to Law Enforcement Agencies as and when demanded in line with the provisions of the laws of the country," the draft said.

The draft has defined 'B category' as all statutory organizations, executive bodies, business and commercial establishments, including all Public Sector Undertakings, Academic institutions.

The 'C category' as per the draft are all citizens including personnel of government and business performing non-official or personal functions.

How much money will Taylor Swift make from sales of Ryan Adams' album?

As one of the principal songwriters on her album 1989, Taylor Swift will make money from every copy of the Ryan Adams version.

Taylor Swift’s 1989 album is experiencing some déjà vu – and it is poised to be very profitable phenomenon for the singer-songwriter.
The Internet is abuzz with the debut of a Ryan Adams cover album of Swift’s wildly popular 1989 album, which features hit songs like “Shake It Off” and “Bad Blood.”
But how much will Swift make from the album? That can’t be determined just yet, because we don’t know how well the Adams version will sell.
We can make an educated guess. Swift receives a royalty from each sale of Adams’ cover album, as well as any sales generated from individual tracks. The royalty for the 13-track 1989 is estimated at $1.183, though part of that must be split with the music publisher, in this case Sony/ATV. The most common artist-publisher split is 50:50, though some artists get more favorable terms, and it is safe to assume Swift – one of the most powerful artists working today – would get a better split.
Let’s assume she and her co-writers were to get 59 cents per album sold. After splitting that with her co-writers, Swift would make around 20 cents per copy.
Over the summer, Swift’s 1989 sold more than 5 million copies in the U.S. alone. If the Adams album were to sell, say 5 million globally, Swift could pull in $1 million. And that still excludes any sales of singles.

Interestingly, Swift will also indirectly profit from plays on Spotify, a music-streaming service the artist has previously quarreled with. Swift removed almost all of her songs from Spotify, as she contends the service doesn’t adequately compensate artists. But the Adams version of the 1989 album is currently listed on Spotify.