Monday 22 February 2016

'Persona 5' release date rumors: RPG game to come out this summer?


Fans of the upcoming RPG game titled "Persona 5" have been on the lookout for the official release date of the game. Now, new rumors suggest that it will likely come out this summer.
The rumored summer release of "Persona 5" has been circulating online after the Japanese video game retailer Animate shared a photo (below) on their Twitter handle the poster ad in their store.

The poster is a positive indication that the game developer Atlus has hit the ground running for the promotional campaigns of the game. Even though the timeline for the game's release is clearer, the ad could only confirm the release window and not the specific release date of the title.
According to Gematsu, in an interview with Dengeki PlayStation magazine, Atlas CEO Naoto Hiraoka said: "In 2015, we were able to develop existing IP like 'Persona 4: Dancing All Night' and 'Etrian Mystery Dungeon.' In 2016, starting with 'Odin Sphere: Leifthrasir,' we plan to release a large number of titles. In the summer, we'll launch the long-awaited 'Persona 5.' Of course, in addition to that we have several unannounced titles."
Meanwhile, new "Persona 5" game modes include the Cooperation mode and the Sneak mode.
The Cooperation mode allows gamers to take advantage of developing social links and non-playable characters relationships as a way of gaining the upper hand. The Sneak Mode, on the other hand, allows players to evade new elements in the dungeons.
Gamers can still use the All-Out-Attack mode which is capable of combining attacks when the opponent is KO-ed.
"Persona 5" is also expected to have four main characters—the Phantom, Ryuji Sakamoto, Anne Takamaki, and Morgana.
The Phantom, who is garbed with a bird mask, is equipped with knives and pistols. Ryuji Sakamoto's look include sporting a skull mask and uses shotguns and bludgeoning weapons. Anne Takamaki is a blond girl who wears a cat mask and prefers to use whips and machine guns. Lastly, Morgana is a cat capable of an attack using swords and slingshots.

This is how Microsoft is integrating its Android apps into Cyanogen OS

Microsoft announced a deal to bundle its Android apps on Cyanogen OS last year. The deal includes deep integration of Microsoft’s Cortana digital assistant, allowing it to replace Google Now functionality. We’ve heard a lot about this partnership, but Cyanogen is now demonstrating exactly how these apps integrate further than normal Android ones.
Cortana is voice-activated on Cyanogen, just like it is on Windows Phone, and it allows you to access additional commands like "take a selfie" or "turn on airplane mode" that wouldn’t work on iOS and Android. These are fairly basic additions, but it’s easy to imagine even deeper integration in the browser and elsewhere for Cortana on Cyanogen in the future.
Microsoft is demonstrating some of that deeper integration in its Skype and Hyperlapse apps for Cyanogen. Skype is integrated directly into the dialer, so you can make a regular call and switch to Skype just like FaceTime or Skype on Windows Phone. Even OneNote is integrated into the dialer here, allowing you to make notes while you’re on a call and have them attached to that contact.

Cyanogen Hyperlapse integration
Microsoft’s Hyperlapse app makes its way into the default camera on Cyanogen, allowing you to pick it from a selection of camera modes that look very similar to the original concept of Windows Phone’s Lenses. All of this forms part of Cyanogen’s new Mod platform that it announced today. It allows third-party apps to deeply integrate into its Android OS. Aside from Microsoft’s own apps, this means apps like Instagram or Twitter can display content on the Cyanogen OS lock screen, or anti-spam apps can catch messages before they reach a handset.
It feels like Windows Phone is living on inside Cyanogen OS
Alongside the Skype integration, camera features, and lock screen customization, it all feels like some of Windows Phone’s more unique features are living on inside of Cyanogen OS. Microsoft’s own ideas of extending apps throughout the OS never really caught on for developers on its own platform, but they might have a better chance inside Cyanogen OS thanks to the fact most handsets can access the Google Play Store. That might push developers to extend their reach into Cyanogen OS, providing the company can convince even more handset makers to ship its operating system.

Microsoft’s Lumia 650 looks and feels way better than the Lumia 950


Microsoft’s Lumia 950 was bland, uninspired, plasticky, and looked like any other low-end Lumia that Microsoft has been churning out over the past year. The problem was that it wasn’t low-end Lumia, and for its $650 price tag we expected a lot more. Microsoft might not be putting a lot of design effort into its flagship Windows 10 phones, but it’s certainly paying some attention to its latest budget Lumia.
Announced last week, the latest Lumia 650 is designed for businesses and priced at just $199. I got a chance to get a closer look at the Lumia 650 at Mobile World Congress today, and for the price point I’m impressed. It looks and feels so much better than the Lumia 950 that it’s stunning that Microsoft didn’t pick this design for its premium handsets. It still has the familiar Lumia design, but the aluminum frame makes it feel far less plasticky and more comfortable to hold.
It’s also really lightweight at just 122 grams, and a good size thanks to its 5-inch AMOLED display. Unfortunately, it’s still a mid-range device, so it has Qualcomm's underpowered Snapdragon 212 processor inside and just 1GB of RAM. These low specs mean Microsoft’s special Continuum feature (to turn the phone into a PC) isn’t present, so it’s just the regular features of Windows 10 Mobile for the most part.
It’s stunning that Microsoft didn’t pick this design for its premium handsets
If Microsoft could cram flagship features and specifications into a device as lightweight as this then it might give Windows 10 Mobile a better chance. Good Windows phone hardware won’t help address the lack of apps on the platform and ecosystem issues, but at least the hardware wouldn’t be a let down for those eager to use Windows 10 Mobile.

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