Monday 7 December 2015

Microsoft 12-day promo offers up to 50% savings on Xbox games

A Spanish Games blogger is silhouetted against the logo of Microsoft's Xbox during the Xbox Play Day 2014, before the Gamescom 2014 fair in Cologne August 12, 2014. 

The holiday shopping season is upon us and it seems we have lots of surprises coming from tech companies. Microsoft recently announced a 12-day promotional offer, including the best Sunday deals with savings of up to 50% on Xbox 360 games and Xbox One games.
Walmart reportedly offers great discounts at $49.88 (AU$68.02) for Xbox games while Black Ops II is being sold for $29.99 (AU$40.90).  Although many retailers offer massive discounts this festive season, Microsoft’s sales price is the lowest of all.
The Microsoft Store is also selling another Xbox game, Star Wars Battlefront, at half price at US$29.99 (AU$40.90). You can save an extra $20 (AU$27.27) on Guitar Hero Live that’s now selling for $79.99 (AU$109), reports 247wallst.
Wonder why retailers like Walmart are selling Microsoft’s products at heavy discounts? It’s because Microsoft will pay special incentives to retailers once the company’s promotion ends.
Microsoft feels there’s no better way to increase sales than by taking full advantage of the frenzied holiday season when fans love to gobble up the huge array of discounts on their favorite games and consoles.
 Seems Microsoft’s still ambivalent about Xbox and about the future of the game controller. While Xbox’s described as a game console and not as a Windows-based computer, other say Xbox is a Windows 10-based device.
Microsoft’s working on a new strategic marketing plan to promote Xbox games, but as of now   discounts offered on the products are working like magic.