Sunday 20 September 2015

Hacking Your ISP For Unlimited Internet

Tired of those Usage Limits your ISP gives you ? Pissed that you cant play Games or use Facebook because it is blocked by your Net provider ? Don't worry,Using this article,you will be able to use unlimited and un-censored internet in no time.

So What is Your ISP ?

ISP stands for Internet Service Provider,in more simpler terms it is the company that gives you internet service .There are many ISP for example - Verizon, Vodafone,BSNL etc.ISP also monitors your usage activity and disconnects you when you exceed your Given use limits.

What are "WE" Going to do ?

We are going to orchestrate an special service/hack called "Tunneling" which will create a fake "virtual" road where your data will travel.

What do we need ?

# A PC with internet connection.
# Java (Latest Version).Get it from Here.
# A tunneling software,we will use Your Freedom Client.You are more than welcome to use your creativity
# Brains and Patience.

How To Do It ?

First of all download the setup files for "Your Freedom Client" and "Java",don't install them yet.Now go to "Your freedom client website and register a new account,Use fake info for all the fields except country,For fake email address go to,my favorite fake email site..Note down the username and passwords for your freedom client,we will use them later.
Now install java, disconnect your internet then install your freedom client (tunneling software).
Install the client with default settings.
SKIP the wizard that comes up after the installation.

How To Use It ?

Setting it up -

1 -You will see a Your Freedom Open window. Click on “Configure -

2 - Go to “Account Information" tab. Enter your “Your Freedom” Username and Password .Not : 1 account of "Your Freedom" works for only 3 hours a day,thats why i told you to make multiple fake accounts. -
3 -Then go to the “Server Connection” tab. Select “Connection Mode” as “UDP”. Then click on the "Wizard".

4 - Now this wizard will search for all the servers available and show the by a priority list,The ones on top means they are best for you.

5 - When the wizard completes, it will show many servers which can be used for proxy tunneling. Choosing the first server is recommended. The first server has the maximum  speed and acuracy. Then click on “Finish”. Then click on “Save and Exit”.

6 - Click (right) on the Your Freedom Icon (the closed door) on the "Notification Area" and click on “Start Connection”. Your proxy connection will be started.

#Use Internet Explorer (omg) ? 

For internet explorer you have to change the settings,Go To -> Menu Bar go to Tools >> Internet Options >> Connections Tab >> LAN Settings. Set proxy address as "localhost" (without ") and port 8080. You need to configure the same even if you are using any other browser. Press OK and Start Browsing.. But remember, every time you start your computer, Start Freedom Connection from Notification area and then only start the internet. Otherwise the bytes will be counted.

#Warning -

This trick is only tunneling,and if your isp is smart it will detect it or would have already detected it,Use CAUTION.i would not be held responsible for any shit.Works on 70% of the ISP.

How Does Tunneling Works ? -

Tunneling,hacking,free internet.

'The Witness' PS4 And PC Release Date Revealed With New Trailer, Game Length Outed [WATCH]

"The Witness"
(Photo : Thekla, Inc.) "The Witness" is coming to PS4 and PC on Jan. 26, 2016. With puzzle solving mechanics inspired by "Myst," its litany of challenges could take as long as 100 hours to complete. An iOS version will also be available at a later date.
"The Witness" finally has a PS4 and PC release date, and its designer, Jonathan Blow, has provided a significant update on the game. He's revealed not only the experience's impressive length, but also a gorgeous new trailer for the occasion.
The news comes to Design & Trend via a post on PlayStation Blog. After a long period of silence, Blow has returned to lift the curtain on a project that's been in development for quite some time. It will come to PS4 and PC on Jan. 26, 2016.

"The Witness'" development has an incredibly long story that stretches back to 2009. Shortly after the immense success of Blow's multi-platform hit, "Braid," the storied designer embarked on a new project. With "Myst" as his main inspiration, Blow assembled a small team to create what has proven to be a truly epic vision. Since the team's last progress update, "The Witness" has swelled 10 times larger than originally imagined. While initially intended to provide up to 10 hours of gameplay, the end result could last up to 100 if players are willing to surrender themselves to its concept.
As of February of this year, "The Witness" was said to contain a staggering 677 puzzles dispersed across 11 different areas. In order to complete the game at its minimum requirement, players must solve at least eight of said sections. There's greater challenge involved with finishing more than that of course.
(Photo : Thekla, Inc.)
What separates "The Witness" from something like "Myst" is that, in Blow's mind, his collection of puzzles possesses a unified maze mechanic that links each one together. In 1993 when "Myst" was first introduced, its design limitations encouraged random mouse clicking to inadvertently find a solution. "The Witness" was conceptualized to address that problem.
Other than solving puzzles, one of its biggest gameplay hooks is its stunningly animated environments. It's been said that the game won't necessarily reward players in the same way most contemporary titles do. Instead, much of its joy will involve unlocking new areas and seeing new sights as gamers become more familiar with their surroundings. In fact, the ability to "witness" those environmental changes is where the project's name comes from.
Its visuals are best seen in the release date trailer above.
To reiterate, "The Witness" has a confirmed release date of Jan. 26, 2016. In addition to PS4 and PC, it has also been announced for iOS.
What do you think of the new trailer? Has its delayed release date impacted your perception of "The Witness?" Let us know in the comments section!

You can be the star in your own ‘Destiny' trailer

On September 15, the first major expansion to blockbuster game "Destiny" launched. It's called "The Taken King" — a reference to the expansion's story. In celebration of the expansion's release, developer Bungie have released a tool for creating your very own, personalized "Destiny" trailer. By going to this website, you can have a personal trailer similar to the one above, which I created with my personal account. Here's how:
  1. Visit this URL:
  2. Enter either your PSN or Xbox Live account name.Destiny make your own characterCorey Protin
  3. Choose the character you wish to use.Destiny make your own character 2Corey Protin
  4. Then click 'continue.'
That's it! Four simple steps and you're on your way to having your own professional trailer.