Tuesday 8 September 2015

New Trailer For 'Total War: Warhammer' Released With In-Game Graphics Engine

Total War Warhammer 

Mixing the gameplay of “Total War” with the mythology of “Warhammer” seems like a winning combination, so its no surprise that the newest trailer for “Total War: Warhammer” has had fans jumping for joy with excitement. While no actual gameplay has been shown, the entire video was made with the in-game graphics of the game.
Not only do fans get a look at the game’s gorgeous graphics engine, but they also get to see the dwarves in action. According to Game Reactor, the dwarves will be one of the four playable races in the upcoming strategy game. Unlike the dwarves from Middle Earth, they can wield shotguns and shoot canons to fend off enemies, which automatically makes them an interesting class to play as.
Viewers also get a good look at High King Thorgrim Grudgebearer, whose last name is very well suited to his attitude. The High King is tired of the countless betrayals that have hurt his people and now dreams of vengeance. The trailer has him take part in the battle, which looks like his last stand against an unbeatable foe, though he does not seem to die in the video.
While no gameplay has been shown, “Total War: Warhammer” will be developed by Creative Assembly. The company has worked on previous “Total War” game sin the past, so fans can expect a good strategy game at the least. Bleeding Cool brought up that it would be interesting to see what the developer does with the “Warhammer” mythology.
If the game looks just as good as the video shown, then it will be a wonderful looking game. The colors are bright enough to add life to the environments and character models, while the lighting can be used to make certain situations grim, like the death of the dwarf with a shotgun.
Though the trailer is impressive, the one area it disappoints in is not showing a proper release date for the game. The only thing fans know about the release date is that it will be out on 2016 and will be a PC exclusive.

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