Monday 7 September 2015

'NBA 2K16' Release Date & Gameplay: Game To Feature Adaptive Coaching Engine, New Play Types, Improved Play Calling & More

NBA 2K15 Launch Celebration 

Game developer 2K Sports has revealed a new gameplay feature in its upcoming basketball simulation video game "NBA 2K16." The company has introduced the Adaptive Coaching Engine (ACE) feature which offers big improvements, specifically in play-calling, offenses, play types and more. 
Aside from these, the company has also tipped off details regarding the game's upgraded player interactions and improved gameplay before it is launched officially on Sept. 25, a report from Design & Trend said on Monday.
Gospel Herald reports that a certain game developer named Da Czar has posted vital information on a blog which provides avid fans and players a glimpse of the various changes in the game. It was noted that one of the changes introduced in the game is the improvement of A.I.'s drive logic.
2K Sports claims that the changes in the game is meant to deliver a "living world experience," and this includes the 30 coaches that will have their own behavior and responses to the scores. It was said that each coach in the upcoming video game will have their own mindset that can help them strategize their own defenses and offenses.
"For 'NBA 2K16' we completely re-wrote our Drive Logic to work hand in hand with our 1 v 1 attack module. In what will become a common theme, we gave the A.I. fundamental basketball reads on which to base its drive decisions. The A.I. is aware of pull up, runner/floater, and layup distances. We use a touch down to check down philosophy so he is constantly aware of if the paint is open or clogged," reads an excerpt from Da Czar's blog, as quoted by Design & Trend.
"We even have the A.I. check for the presence of shot blockers and allow that to play a role in its decision to drive. This happens for both regular drive attempts and when the A.I. is attacking using a pick and roll. Our A.I. also looks to punish defenders going under screens against guys who can stroke the three," he continued. The complete details of the "NBA 2K16" gameplay can be accessed here.
In related news, NBA has announced that "NBA 2K16" will feature the '04-'05 Suns which will include various basketball talents such as Steve Nash, Amar'e Stoudemire, Shawn Marion, Quentin Richardson and Joe Johnson. It was said that the game's official release date is slated on Sept. 29. However, some retailers have offered a special Early Tip Off (ETO) version of the game four days prior the scheduled release, allowing players to get a copy of the ETO by Sept. 25.

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