Monday 7 September 2015

Nvidia will fully support Async Compute with software drivers

Nvidia Async Compute Ashes of Singularity 

[Update] NVIDIA have been in touch to confirm Oxide's most recent comments regarding a software update to add async compute functionality. We'll be keeping an eye on the upcoming display driver's patch notes.
Nvidia will fully support Asynchronous Shaders with its GPUs through the use of new software drivers. At current the feature is not fully implemented by the drivers, but Oxide Games are working with Nvidia to help them bring the needed support. 
“We actually just chatted with Nvidia about Async Compute, indeed the driver hasn’t fully implemented it yet, but it appeared like it was,” said Oxide developer ‘Kollock’. “We are working closely with them as they fully implement Async Compute. We’ll keep everyone posted as we learn more.”
Nvidia’s issues with Async Computer were made apparent with the DirectX 12 benchmark for Oxide Games’ Ashes of the Singularity, where AMD Radeon GPUs performed significantly better than Nvidia’s. Oxide pinpointed the issue as being down to Asynchronous Shaders, one of DirectX’s new features.  
Nvidia’s GTX 900 series graphics cards are capable of handling Async Compute, but right now the software just doesn’t support the feature. But with Oxide Games helping the graphics giant out, hopefully it shouldn’t be long before those Ashes of the Singularity benchmark tests start to look a little more even.

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