Monday 7 September 2015

‘LawBreakers’ Unveiled as Free-to-Play for PC, Console Version a Possibility: Xbox Head Says Game ‘Welcome on Xbox'


Boss Key Productions and Cliff Bleszinski's latest project is a free-to-play game, titled "LawBreakers."  And while the game title would only be available on PC, Bleszinski revealed that a console version may be in the works soon.  The console news seemed to excite Xbox head, Phil Spencer, who already said that the title is "welcome on Xbox."
Last Friday, Boss Key Productions head Bleszinski unveiled "Lawbreakers," a gravity based shooter game that has been in development under the codename "Project BlueStreak," Destructoid stated.  The "Gears of War" creator and game developers at Boss Key was able to come up with an interesting game world wherein a cataclysmic event has reportedly left areas on Earth with low pockets of gravity.  These gravity challenged areas adds a different layer to the "LawBreakers" gameplay.
In a recent interview at PAX Prime, Bleszinski shared his excitement about the game and revealed a few gameplay aspects such as game characters going vertical and knocking around each other, as well a rocket jump and an air burst rocket move.   He also stressed how he and his team wanted the "FPS dance to kind of comeback" with a few of "LawBreakers'" gameplay strategies.  This would reportedly allow players to stay alive longer, as well as maximize the game's vertical axis.
Bleszinski added, "It's a lot greater than your Call of Duty grind. It's a little bit faster than your Titanfall one. It's somewhere around Halo-ish is what I like to say."
Meanwhile, the Boss Key executive also told Gamespot that although "LawBreakers" is currently confirmed for the PC, the game may have console versions in the near future.  Apparently, the team is prioritizing the PC release before exploring other platforms.  However, Bleszinski shared that he would need to find another studio to help with that development given the lack of manpower resources.  He stated that the company's current headcount is only 40.
Despite those challenges, the game developer revealed he still plans to speak with Xbox and Playstation bosses, Phil Spencer and Adam Boyes, respectively.
As for whether "LawBreakers" will be embraced by the gaming console executives, Bleszinski need not wonder about Xbox's participation.  According to Bleeding Cool, the Xbox head already expressed his interest in the Boss Key game via Twitter.  Spencer wrote, "@SambaXVI @therealcliffyb is always welcome on Xbox."  It seems it's now up to Bleszinski and his team to make it happen.
The free-to-play PC game "LawBreakers" is slated for a 2016 release.  Game developers also released a trailer Friday, September 4, which showcased "LawBreakers" gameplay.

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