Monday 7 September 2015

Entertainment Dragon Con Brings Host of Alien, Anime Characters to Atlanta

Atlanta's annual Dragon Con science fiction and fantasy convention filled the city's downtown streets with people dressed as zombies, steampunk time travelers, purple-haired anime heroes and aliens by the dozens.
The convention draws fans from around the country to take part in sci-fi and fantasy costume contests, a massive parade through downtown Atlanta and educational seminars about science and costumes making.
One of the more popular events at the convention this year was a private party held at the Georgia Aquarium, home to the largest aquarium in the Western Hemisphere. At the sellout event, costumed revelers danced and drank under the glow of passing beluga whales and sharks on display, and dance-heavy music thumped in the background.
Tens of thousands attend the annual event, which began Thursday and continued through the weekend.

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