Thursday 10 September 2015

New Game Inner Chains Announced for Steam

Inner Chains image 

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Now is the best time to be a horror gamer, as Steam allows imaginative independent creators who major publishers would usually take no notice of to get their work out there.
The new first-person horror game Inner Chains (announcement trailer below) is one such example.
Here’s some more info from the game’s official website:

Inner Chains is an FPS (18+) horror embedded in an unprecedented surreal world. The objective of the player is to understand and unravel the mysteries of the mystical world while overcoming many dangers created by the biomechanical environment.
The world in which we find ourselves in Inner Chains no longer resembles the one we know. It is the world that is hunting us – we are a small part of it trying to unravel its mysteries.
Throwing you into the dark and mysterious world, we want to make you feel lost, discover it piece by piece and learn to use it against enemies. In designing the levels, we want them always to have more than just one way to the goal. We will not walk you through it. We will only give you clues. How you handle this alien and hostile place depends entirely on you.
From forgotten, mountain ruins through a dangerous forest where flora and fauna are our mortal enemies to the great temples built by a mysterious castle, whose existence and objectives hide many secrets – wandering through this world you will be able to learn about the story carved in these places and use it to fight the enemy.
If that got you hooked, then here’s some more insight from Tomasz Strzalkowski, CEO of the developer, Telepaths’ Tree:
“By throwing gamers into this dark and mysterious universe, we wanted to make them feel a bit lost at the beginning. But in the same time to encourage them to discover its secrets, so soon enough they learn how to use the environment against their enemies. Our approach when designing the levels was to always give players more than just one way to achieve their goal. We didn’t want to lead them by the hand, as the freedom of how you handle the situation was one of our top priorities. So instead we’ve implemented a system of clues and hints that will help gamers find the right solution. But how they’ll face this or other opponents or the hostile place depends entirely on them.”
I don’t know about you, but my attention is sure as hell chained to this game (sorry).

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