Thursday 10 September 2015


SHENZHEN, CHINA and LOS ANGELES, September 10, 2015 - Shenzhen ZQGame (SZSE: 300052) today announced its military massively multiplayer online game (MMOG), Final Fire will be entering closed beta for players in China and in within select English speaking territories around the world. Enlistees will choose their allegiance and battle in team versus team armored vehicle combat fought throughout the land, air and sea.
Closed Beta Signups (website currently in Simplified Chinese):
Final Fire is highlighted by its encyclopedia of vehicles where enlistees can choose from Chinese, Soviet, American, British and Middle Eastern units. From tanks and aircrafts to gunships and light utility vehicles, no granular detail was spared in their respective in-game re-creations. Extensive cosmetic and practical customizations can be made to upgrade vehicle and weapon modules, increasing defense, speed and power on all fronts.  
"To complement the vehicles, we worked extensively on Final Fire's map design to focus on giving player's seemingly unlimited ways to develop and execute their battle strategy and team positioning," said Steven Li, Producer, ZQGame. The dynamic, interactive environments help play in to the visual realism we want to present, something the most hardcore players will appreciate."
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About Final Fire
Boast military might and strategic dominance in Final Fire, a team-based multiplayer online game set in the era of modern warfare. Take the fight through the land, air and sea, disposing of opposing teams with pure skill and teamwork. Customize your vehicle to improve your winning edge. How will you SHOW YOUR DOMINANCE?
All vehicles are a visually realistic model of offensive and support units used by various military institutions during and after Worlds War 2. Final Fire's map design also represents the era's historical confrontation landmarks where teams will battle through rugged terrains and extreme weather conditions. Vehicles will have their advantages and disadvantages depending on the map, making teamwork and a well-executed strategy crucial for victory.      
About ZQGame
ZQGame is a publicly-traded online and mobile game company on China's Shenzhen Stock Exchange (SZSE 300052) with more than 3000 employees and over 30 studios worldwide. Founded in 2003, ZQGame became the first native Chinese online game company to be publicly listed, filing its initial public offering in 2010. Since its IPO, ZQGame established offices around the globe including South Korea, Taiwan and its global publishing unit, ZQGame Global located in El Segundo, California, USA.     

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