Wednesday 13 January 2016

Watch The Hilarious Rendition Of The Warcraft Movie Trailer With In-Game Sound Effects

World of Warcraft has been a part of the video game industry for quite some time, and has transformed multiple times to get to where it is today. The new Warcraft movie has fans waiting impatiently to see how the narrative will tackle the massive World of Warcraft universe. One thing the movie will have is top-notch audio, but one user decided to dub the movie trailer with old-school, in-game World of Warcraft sounds effects, and it’s hilarious. Check out the video below.

It should be an obvious giveaway when the title of the trailer is dated “1995” in parentheses. The sound effects can be related to the 1995 Warcraft II trailer, where the music is so-pleasantly 90’s narrated by a horrible, over-dramatic voice-over. But once you hear the sound effects in the 1995 Warcraft II trailer, you begin to understand why the dubbed Warcraft movie trailer is so outrageous. Check out the Warcraft II trailer below.
I think this just goes to prove that the franchise has certainly come a long way since its early beginnings, improving in content, gameplay, audio and of course, graphics. We can look back and understand how silly some of the sound effects were, but if you think about it, back then everyone thought World of Warcraft was cutting edge. It was a game that had a following unlike any other, that opened up into a world plagued by conflict between two distinct sides and that pushed gaming into a new era. Its film, Warcraft, has actually been in development for quite some time. It had quite a few issues when the idea first sprung up and no one wanted to head the project. Perhaps it’s the tainted reputation that video game movies carry in the film industry. Fans claim there has yet to be an exceptional video game movie, so critics are going to be extra harsh in scrutinizing the upcoming film. Who wants to be put under that kind of pressure? Finally, director and screenwriter Duncan Jones picked the movie up and pushed it into development. Jones has directed award-winning films like Moon and Source Code. While he doesn’t really have a repertoire of fantasy films, he did showcase engaging action scenes in Source Code, but that’s all we really have to go on. The trailer for Warcraft looked promising, but then again, I haven’t been playing World of Warcraft since the dawn of time. I can imagine fans will be going into this film with the mindset of “Okay, what did they do wrong?” Because that’s how I’ve approached every single Silent Hill movie. What didn’t they get right? Any director going into this project knew they were going to face a lot of scrutiny from the video game world. With Duncan Jones’ resume, it doesn’t appear that he has too much experience tackling video game narratives. But how can you really judge? Source Code was good, but it didn’t blow my mind. Moon was way out there and maybe a little too avant garde for my taste. So what does this say about the upcoming Warcraft movie? Warcraft is slated for release this year and hopefully, it won’t be as bad as every other video game movie that has tried to release before it. Hopefully. What are your thoughts on the upcoming Warcraft movie? Tell us in the comments below.

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