Tuesday 12 January 2016

It's Party time for Xbox One's February update

It's Party time for Xbox One's February update 


Microsoft's Mike Ybarra has been teasing a new feature likely coming in the Xbox One February update - the ability to see who's in a Party before joining it.
Now that might seem like a pretty minor update, but it's a pretty important one from a social point of view and something that gamers have been requesting for a good while now.
It's good to see Microsoft is still listening to its fans.
And if there's one thing that can ruin a perfectly good match in Halo 5, it's other people. You can't trust them. And we're not just talking about random, anonymous tweens verbally abusing you online because you just laid waste with a SPNKr rocket.
No, even people you know can be a royal pain in the posterior.
Halo 5

There's always one...

There's always one person in the group you play online with that you're hoping won't be there when you next log in. They're the one's who make you wait in the lobby for ages while they use the bathroom between every match, always have their mic turned up too loud, or are perpetually - and loudly - snacking for the entirety of a gaming sesh.
In short, they're always doing something annoying.
Up to now there was no way to find out who was actually playing within an Xbox Party, but with the new update a third option will appear when you click on a friend's profile to join them in-game.
As well as 'Join Party' and 'Join Game' there will now also be an option to 'See who's in the party'.
And if you don't think there's anyone annoying in your gaming group who no-one wants to play with then, chances are, it might be you...


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