Saturday, 28 October 2017

How to Link Facebook Page To Website

How to Link Directly to a Facebook Page from a Website

You can link directly to your Facebook page using a facebook button by following the instructions below:
1.Find or Create a Facebook "F" or "Find us on Facebook" logo image you like. We have a number to choose from via our "Free Social Icons" blog.
2.Once you have decided on which button you would like to use, copy the HTML code provided next to the button.

You will now need to place the code into a HTML fragment and place it on your page. To do this, please follow the steps below:
1.Log in to your Create account.
2.Click "Content" from the top menu.
3.Click "HTML Fragments" from the left hand menu.
4.Click "Add new HTML Fragment".
5.Type in a "Description" so you'll know what the fragment does later. For example "Facebook Button".
6.Paste your HTML code into the large "HTML Code" box.
7.Click "Save Changes".

You will be returned to the "HTML Fragments" screen, where your new fragment will now be listed.
1.Then, to insert the fragment into one of your pages:
2.Click "Content" from the top menu.
3.Click the "Edit Page" button next to the page you wish to display the fragment on.
4.Click on the page to position your cursor where you would like the item created by your HTML fragment to appear.
5.On the editor toolbar click the "HTML" button (this looks like the letters HTML).
6.A new window will pop up. From the "Select HTML Fragment " drop-down menu, choose the HTML fragment you wish to add.
7.Click "Insert" to add it to the page.

A grey graphic will appear in the place that the HTML fragment should appear on your published site. This is called a "placeholder", and will take the place of your HTML item when you are designing and editing your site. It will be viewable when you publish or preview your site after saving.


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