Tuesday 2 May 2017

Watch Code Vein’s first gameplay trailer

Bandai Namco’s action role-playing game Code Vein is coming next year, offering what appears to be a blood-drenched take on Dark Souls-like gameplay. Our first real look at Code Vein in action comes courtesy of a new trailer released by the game’s publisher today.

It’s pretty evident — and has been from day one, when Bandai Namco teased the game with a “Prepare to dine” tagline — that Code Vein is drawing some amount of inspiration from From Software’s Souls series. There are big, scary boss monsters to battle and no shortage of dodging and weapon-based combat in Code Vein’s debut trailer.

The video also teases a gameplay mechanic that will hopefully help separate Code Vein from its inspiration — though the dark anime visual style certainly helps. According to Bandai Namco:

"As players venture out into the world, they will be able to choose a partner companion from the various residents of Vein. Added strategy presents itself when players choose companions that complement their play style to give them a fighting chance against the vicious enemies they’ll be up against through their journey."

Code Vein is coming to unspecified platforms sometime in 2018.

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