Monday 19 December 2016

Sniper Elite 4' Trailer Reveals First Details On Bonus Mission To Assassinate Hitler

A new trailer for ''Sniper Elite 4'' has been launched. It reveals first details on bonus mission to assassinate Hitler. The game-play includes a more details of the extra campaign mission called "Target Fuhrer."
The game-play focuses more on the Target Fuhrer mission which will be offered to anyone who orders a copy of ''Sniper Elite 4'' before the game launches in February 2017. It has always been the tradition for the ''Sniper Elite'' games to include Hitler assassination in some form

The Target Fuhrer is not a part of the main ''Sniper Elite 4'' campaign. It is a bonus mission that is balanced for one or two players, it is designed to give pre-order customers extra something to explore after the credits roll, according to iDigitaltimes.
Unfortunately, the ''Sniper Elite 4'' game-play does not feature any significant footage. It only showcased aerial shots, which is intended to give a first look at the U-boat facility that fans will be exploring in the ''Sniper Elite 4'' bonus mission.
According to IGN, the mission will take place in the Mediterranean on a secret Nazi U-boat. The Commander of the base, Karl Fairburne's original target, has been killed by an unknown assassin, so the objective has changed. The player must now kill Hitler by himself and destroy the enemy U-boat in the process.
For those who are not satisfied with the game's recent trailer, the studio also released more than half dozen new ''Sniper Elite 4'' screenshots from the Target Fuhrer mission. It also features the rebellion's latest recreation of Adolf Hitler, with few Nazi guards, that will probably be protecting the unidentified facility when Lt. Karl Fairburne visits.
The campaign mission is replay-able and there are available multiple ways to take the despot down. The Target Fuhrer mission is available to those who order the game before the specified launch date, with a bonus camo rifle skins for seven WWII rifles.
''Sniper Elite 4'' is still in development and will be available for PS4, Xbox One and PC. The game will launch February 14, 2017.

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