Monday 19 December 2016

NieR Automata Trailer Reveals New Weapon

The next game to come in NieR series is NieR Automata and is one of the most anticipated games which will be released next year. To keep fan spirits alive Square Enix is busy updating them about the game by releasing new trailer and details after every 1 or two months. And now they have released a new trailer for the game which reveals the game’s crossover with Dragon Quest.

The new trailer (below) was released during the Jump Festa that took place in Tokyo. The new gameplay trailers give us more details about the game and is now confirmed that the game will feature Engine Blade from Final Fantasy XV more over the trailer also confirmed a new crossover weapon for the game. Yeah that’s right, the weapon is Cypress Stick, which was featured in Dragon Quest will now also be available in NieR Automata.

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