Wednesday 28 December 2016

Injustice 2’ Latest Update: Supergirl Gameplay Footage Released; Combat Abilities, Skill Set Details Revealed

It's no secret that Supergirl will be part of "Injustice 2" as the heroine was confirmed as a member of the lineup when NetherRealm Studios introduced the game via a trailer. However, fans only got a glimpse of what Supergirl is like in the game - until now.

NetherRealm Studios recently released a gameplay footage showcasing Supergirl's combat abilities and some of her skills. IGN first released the video that showed a walkthrough of how Supergirl can take down her enemies in "Injustice 2."

According to GameRant, Supergirl's power can be compared to the powers of her cousin, Superman. Instead of relying on her super strength, the heroine depends on her agility and combo moves to make sure her foes cannot fight back. Some of the moves that Supergirl has are familiar to those who have been playing the fighting game, which should make her a favorite character among fans.

As shown in the footage (see below), fans can expect Supergirl to use her ice breath, "teleportation" and heat vision. The "Injustice 2" character also has close-up attacks, which only tells players that she can be great at both melee and ranged attacks. Her Last Daughter of Krypton combo move was also used against Wonder Woman in the footage, giving her no chance to counterattack.

Given that Supergirl's power in "Injustice 2" may be somewhat the same as Superman's, some are worried that she will just be another version of her cousin, ScreenRant reported. This would also mean that Supergirl could just be another character that is as annoying as Superman in the original game. Heat vision is one of the abilities that fans are concerned about being too similar to Superman's but the new footage showed its limitation.

There were also concerns that Supergirl might not be a balanced character in "Injustice 2." As noted in ScrenRant's report, the heroine appears to be a mix of Scorpion and Subzero but hopefully, NetherRealm Studios will apply some balance so she comes out as a strong character but not all too powerful.

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