Tuesday 20 December 2016

Destiny 2 Release Date, News & Update

Destiny was released back in 2014 and was billed as a game changer for online shooters. But fans and critics were disappointed upon the release of Destiny due to its lack of content and unfulfilled promises. However, Bungie has steadily improved Destiny and has released two expansions and countless updates. There has been talks for a Destiny 2 on 2017 to improve upon its predecessor but recent comments by Bungie may make that release date unlikely.

In a recent blogpost, Bungie has detailed their plans for 2017. Destiny is currently celebrating its holiday event, The Dawning which is an improvement over their last holiday event at Halloween. And it looks like Bungie will be also taking the time off and celebrate the holidays and resume work afterwards. "We'll get back to business as usual once the eggnog leaves our blood," Bungie wrote," Bungie said.

Not much was said for their plans for next year but they did assure us that there are more content coming for Destiny. "Until we talk again, work will continue at Bungie. It always does. Destiny is never finished. We have playtests of new content to share with each other," says Bungie. This could mean that Bungie will be looking to support Destiny in 2017 which could mean bad news for Destiny 2. In fact, a fan has recently discovered hidden files in Destiny's database. A folder labeled "classified" contains a collection of items that could definitely be part of the future content for Destiny on 2017.

If this rumor is true, then Destiny will continue to support Destiny through 2017. Destiny seems to be popular enough to warrant a support next year. But if that's the case, then Bungie would have their team divided into developing for 2 games. Destiny 2 is slated for a release on 2017 and with new developments for Destiny, 2 teams are required for the task.

Destiny 2 already has multiple studios working for it but it would be useless if Bungie, the original creator wouldn't have its full force in development. They might as well delay Destiny 2 if they can't go all in on it. They have to remember the disaster when Destiny was first launched iin 2015. They have the perfect chance to redeem themselves with Destiny 2. But with without full support from Bungie, Destiny 2' release should be delayed.

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