Wednesday 28 December 2016

'Red Dead Redemption 2' Release Date, Maps, Gameplay Elements And Other Details; Watch 'RDR 2' Trailer

Avid gamers have been restlessly waiting for the next installment in the hit Red Dead series dubbed as, Red Dead Redemption 2. which, the game developer, Rockstar Games have confirmed to arrive in fall next year. According to an analyst, RDR 2 will be the most popular game of 2017.

Michael Goodman, director of Strategy Analytics claims Red Dead Redemption 2 will witness mammoth success when it arrives next year, regardless of the month it hits the store shelves. During an interview with We Write Things, Godman said Rockstar Games have adopted a great strategy of distributing their games with different dates in 2017.

Rockstar Game's Red Dead Redemption 2 has been subject to a slew of leaks and multiple reports surrounding the game's release date, characters, map leaks and more. Let's check out what some reports floating online suggest about the long awaited game.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Release Date 

Still riding on the success of GTA 5, Rockstar Games officially announced that RDR 2 will be released in fall 2017. The protagonist, John Marston's upcoming adventure is set in America's unrelenting heartland. If the regions, vast lands, and swamps in the trailer are anything to go by, the game will be set in the Far West. The Red Dead Redemption 2 release date will cause unrest among its competitors, according to GamingBolt.

Red Dead Redemption 2: Maps & Gameplay 

RDR fans were bowled over when a character bearing a striking resemblance to John Marston made an appearance in the trailer. As expected, this stirred conversations among RDR fans about the possibility that John Marston was probably still alive. Some zealous fans went as far as comparing the silhouettes and found that the similarities are quite uncanny. This cemented previous speculations that RDR 2 is indeed a prequel.

Judging by the fact that the vast landscape is brimming with wildlife, the gameplay is likely to feature hunting as well. Aside from that, there is a shot of a man transporting a dead deer in the trailer. Other gameplay component spotted comprise of wagons, stores, campfires and horseback riding. There is also a possibility that herding may be included in Red Dead Redemption 2.

Although, there is no word about how Red Dead Redemption 2 will be related to the first game, mounting shreds of evidence indicate it will be a prequel. Moreover, there is hearsay that John Marston will make an appearance in the game, but as a second character, citing the events that took place in the first installment of the game.

RDR fans are also hoping that the sequel incorporates some GTA 5 elements such as allowing players to switch between characters in the game. Red Dead Redemption 2 will be available on PS4 and Xbox One in Fall next year. The game can also be pre-ordered at Rockstar's website or on GameStop for $59.99.

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