Saturday 1 October 2016

'Watch Dogs 2' release date, news: Gameplay trailer showcases title's vehicles, weapons, and more

A lucky gamer was able to get his hands on an early copy of "Watch Dogs 2" and decided to do a little review of the game. The game is said to be better than the first one in terms of the things that one can do with the environment such as flying drones, driving vehicles, and having more options for weapons, among others.

Arekkz Gaming uploaded a short video on YouTube that mostly highlights on the things that players will be able to do when the game gets released on Nov. 15. Players will be standing in for Marcus Holloway, a DedSec hacker, who is determined to bring down ctOS 2.0, which is an advanced surveillance system.
Developer Ubisoft decided to listen to the players' feedbacks from the first game, and this can be seen clearly in its upcoming game. There are more options that are available now compared to the previous offering. Even the clothes of Marcus can be changed. Players can now simply buy clothes from the shop if they fancy changing their attire.
Players can still grab others' set of wheels, but the studio also decided to put in the option of buying their own car which they could use to drive around San Francisco. Additionally, one can finish the game without firing a single shot from a gun. Although, those who wanted to go blazing with weapons will have several options as well. The video showed Marcus holding a taser, while another part showed the character choosing a weapon. A pistol, a rifle, an RC vehicle, and a drone were also seen in the inventory.
Speaking of drones, the video also showed Arekkz playing a drone game, one of the added side activities for the upcoming game.

f course, "Watch Dogs 2" is incomplete without the hacking activities, and the new gamewill have more of these. Players can perform simple hacks from their smartphones like controlling traffic lights, CCTVs, and even cars. More complicated hacks will also be presented within the game, which could be performed with a laptop.
"Watch Dogs 2" will have a worldwide release on Nov. 15 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC.

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