Thursday 4 August 2016

One Person Made A Video Game To Rival ‘Final Fantasy XV’ And ‘Devil May Cry’ By Himself

A big deal is made about video game companies employing dozens, if not hundreds of people to make AAA titles. However, one person made an indie video game that had the visuals of “Final Fantasy XV” and the combat style of “Devil May Cry,” and he did it all by himself.

Yang Bing, an indie video game developer living in South Korea, released a trailer of his title called “Lost Soul Aside,” and the world watched in awe as the work of one person held its own against games that were made by entire teams of professionals from giant brands. Twinfinite described the game as having impressive visuals and fast-paced combat that is reminiscent of titles like “Ninja Gaiden.”

Supposedly, Bing was inspired to create his game by “Final Fantasy XV” of all things. The first trailer for the latest installment of the legendary franchise of Square Enix came out two years ago, which is about the same time that Bing started working on his game.

After releasing the trailer, Bing enjoyed an outpouring of praise, congratulations, and encouragement from viewers who were clearly impressed with what the South Korean achieved. Some even offered their services or monetary support to help him finish his title.

“I read many comments yesterday, thank you for encouraging me and thank you for asking to help, I can say nothing else but thank you guys,” Bing wrote on his Facebook page. “Some people said they get some motivation to do their own game, I’m very glad to be that guy though I’m just a normal developer. Thank you again.”

Bing has also been encouraged to resort to Kickstarter to fund his game, Siliconera reports. However, he stressed that creating a fundraising campaign would be too much work and responsibility right now. Then again, “Sony” and “Epic Games” have already approached Bing, so it’s more than likely that he will get the funding and support he needs.

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