Tuesday 23 February 2016

New ADR1FT Trailer Brings Astronaut Dreams To Life

A new trailer from Three One Zero's upcoming space-survival game, Adr1ft, has been making the rounds around the news sphere. The trailer is mostly an accolades piece highlighting all the celebratory praise that the game has received from many mainstream gaming and tech outlets.

PC Gamer picked up on the latest trailer for Adr1ft, which you can check out below. 

The game's development is being headed up by the one and only Adam Orth. Some of you might remember him from a few years back as a creative lead under the Microsoft banner who ended up getting engaged in an online Twitter argument with gamers over always-on DRM, telling them to “deal with it” after a hacker named SuperDae leaked news that the Xbox One was going to potentially utilize always-on DRM.

Since that explosive Twitter moment that resulted in “Deal with it” becoming a meme within gaming, Orth took a backseat from the spotlight and has kept his head low, working with the rest of Three One Zero on the highly anticipated Adr1ft. The game could best be considered as a mix of the movie Gravity meets Cargo.

Players will have to attempt to discover what happened on the space station they were on and why it suffered a massive catastrophe. As seemingly the sole survivor of the expedition, the player-character suffers from a minor case of amnesia after waking up in the middle of space with a hole in their extreme environment suit. This results in players having to desperately seek out canisters of oxygen while trying to find ways to repair their suit.

Adr1ft takes a solemn, almost eerily lonely approach to exploration due to the silence and awe-inspiring vastness of space itself. Some of the sequences and the design architecture that they've showcased in a few other gameplay trailers reminded me a lot of cruder versions of Stanley Kubrick's set designs for 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Now for those of you wondering if this is just a space version of a walking simulator, the simple answer is: no.

You will do more than just float around and look at pretty environments and destroyed space station vessels. In addition to seeking out oxygen and attempting to repair the EEV suit, there's also various data logs and information that players will need to scout out and find to understand how the space station was blown to pieces, this includes investigating a variety of the vessel modules and finding audio logs and other trinkets to help piece the puzzle together. It's not unlike Alien: Isolation or Slender: The Arrival just without a killer alien or a killer ghost hunting you down.

Adr1ft is designed to be VR-ready, so if you have a PC with a quad-core and a GTX 970 or R9 290 then you should be primed and ready to play the game with a VR headset.

You can look to grab Three One Zero's first-person space survival game on March 28th next month when it launches on Steam for PC.

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