Tuesday 23 February 2016

Killer Instinct Season 3 Trailer Shows Off Halo’s Arbiter

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After being teased last month, the new trailer for Killer Instinct finally reveals the Arbiter in full as he is the latest character to join the season three roster.

Microsoft and Iron Galaxy are gearing up to release the third season of their popular fighting game, Killer Instinct, sometime next month. While there’s still a lot of details that have yet to be released (such as the price point, full roster of characters, and new changes that are coming to the title), a new character has finally been given his own trailer after teasing the Arbiter joining the roster last month at the Killer Instinct World Cup.
Thanks to the official Halo YouTube channel, fans are finally able to see just how the Arbiter is going to play in the fighting game. As expected, Arbiter’s stage is the Elite home planet of Sanghelios during its civil war, which players are able to experience in Halo 5: Guardians. Since this is a fighting game centered around melee weapons, Arbiter favors his energy sword, though during certain combos a storm rifle does make an appearance as well. As the match continues, the stage crumbles around the two combatants as statues fall apart, ships crash, and general chaos erupts in the background – making for a thrilling if not distracting battle.

What’s also interesting to note here is that famed Halo developer, 343 Industries, is credited with assisting Iron Galaxy with development on Arbiter. No doubt the studio helped provide Halo related assets such as the character model and the background stage which looks ripped right from the beautiful looking Halo 5: Guardians itself. As good as everything looks, the one disappointing aspect seems to be that voice actor Keith David does not appear to be lending his vocals to the character.
With this news, Halo’s Arbiter joins the likes of returning fighter Kim Wu and another guest character in the Battletoad Rash. Fans got a lot of hands-on time with Rash a few months ago after the character was briefly added to the roster so fans could beta test him. Kim Wu on the other hand was just recently announced during the same venue that initial teased Arbi. Fans are expecting to see Tusk (another series veteran) prior to launch as well, but so far developer Iron Galaxy has been pretty hush hush on what fans should expect to see on day one.
While new drops have been somewhat few, far, and in between for season 3, one of the bigger announcements for the game came during E3 last year when Microsoft confirmed that Killer Instinct would be heading to PC as well. With this new functionality, fans are expecting to see cross-platform play between the Xbox One and PC, something that Street Fighter V recently pulled off last week between the PlayStation 4 and PC platforms after it launched.
Are you excited for the third season of Killer Instinct? Which other characters are you hoping to see in the game? Let us know your thoughts below.

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