Tuesday 23 February 2016

'Star Citizen' PC Version Release Date, News: Game's Release Still Uncertain as Creator Talks Development

Star Citizen 

For the past few months, there has been little or no official announcements made about the rumored 2016 release of "Star Citizen" PC version, and though there is still no specific release date given, the executive team has something to explain.
Given that fans have been requesting for the PC version, it's a little surprising for some that there have been no official discussions recently. However, creator Chris Roberts finally spoke up in a recent interview with BBC, explaining that there is so much more to crowdfunded games than what fans expect.
"One of the oxymorons of crowdfunding is you're asking for money to make this game, but you don't know how much money you're going to get. Unless you just want to pocket the rest of the money, which isn't my thing at all; I want to make the best game possible," he explained.
The game is one of the most unique titles in the gaming industry, not only because it is a crowdfunded project but the developers are fairly transparent to the people who support the project, unlike other games that don't open their fans and supporters to the development world.
Roberts went on to explain that it's not just "Star Citizen" that gets delayed and pushed back. He then admitted that the issue may be lying in the lack of communication that developers have, especially those in the crowdfunding sect. While a lot of issues are going on inside the working table, the public continues to push and demand, mainly because they aren't sure of what's going on.
"We can all do a better job," the creator said, referring to the transparency in terms of crowdfunded titles. He also said he thinks he will be opening the doors of the development team for fans to see in case he works on another crowdfunded game.
Another issue that Roberts discussed is the huge number of people wanting to check in with the game's progress, making the development much more complicated. Since there are a lot of people who want to join in, there are also a lot of people who want to tell the main development team what to do.
On the other hand, Roberts is thankful for the support and optimism that fans are showering on the team. He said the people's support is an encouragement to him and everyone else working to deliver the highly anticipated game.
Meanwhile, expectations are higher than mountains on the side of the people who backed the game with over $100 million to date. Since there is a lot of money at stake, fans and gamers are expecting that the game should meet expectations to make up for the support.

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