Tuesday 23 February 2016

Amazing cyberpunk adventures on show in Soul Axiom launch trailer

What is this and why hasn’t it been wired into my cortex already?

Soul Axiom releases next week, apparently, so here’s a launch trailer for it. I had only been tangentially aware of the existence of this game until about 5 minutes ago, and now I very much want to put it in my life and love it and raise it as my own. Behold:

How does someone manage to sneak a full-fledged first-person cyberpunk adventure past me? I’m slipping in my dotage, I really am. Soul Axiom boasts 15 hours of gameplay during which you’ll explore 40 locations, collecting new powers to solve puzzles and make your way to one of multiple possible endings.
You’ll be able to grab it on Steam on February 29, although it’s currently available in Early Access form.
By the way, Soul Axiom garnered a bit of attention back in September 2015 when a Wales Interactive staffer claimed a YouTuber asked for $22,000 to provide coverage of the game.

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