Wednesday 20 January 2016

Watch the trailer for Furi from The Game Bakers here

Arriving in 2016 – from The Game Bakers and Reverb Triple XP – is Furi, an intense all-boss fighting-combat game.  Also on board with Furi is Takashi Okazami, who is more famously known for Afro Samurai. Takashi Okazami will be bringing life to the game with his character design – which you can see in the trailer below – for which each shall have their own strengths and weaknesses and it’s upto you to locate and utilise.  With a soundtrack composed by electro musicians including Carpenter Brut, Furi is set to make our machines quake this coming year.
furi logoThe story of Furi starts ten years ago, when Emeric was asked what he would do if he could make his dream game. He came up with a game that would be one long boss fight. A boss fight against an opponent similar to you, not a gigantic creature or a demon. A boss fight that felt like a duel— a tense, exhausting, and utterly rewarding duel. Furi is the manifestation of this idea that stuck with Emeric, as he grew as a designer and set up The Game Bakers.
furi fight
Furi is a game where you fight for a reason. It’s a game that teases you before the fight, while you walk toward your fate, the same way you would be pumped up and stressed before a boxing match. The combat gameplay is designed with Japanese games in mind — ultra fast-paced and responsive. Your character moves as soon as you send an input. Skills and reflexes are required to dodge and parry the enemies’ attacks.

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