Saturday 16 January 2016

'Homefront: The Revolution' latest update: Release date for PS4, Xbox One and PC officially announced


The upcoming open-world first-person shooter video game, "Homefront: The Revolution," has been through a lot of complications in the past few months, with some fans speculating that the issues may be getting the better of it. The release date for the title therefore has become quite the hot topic for fans who have been wondering when the it would finally come out.
Just a few days ago, there were some leaks regarding the game release date which were based on images of the game reservations cards printed for Target. The images show that the game would be released on May 17, 2016, clearly printed on the retailer's pre-order card.
True enough, just about a week later, Deep Silver and Dambuster Studios have now announced that the game is in fact going to be launched on the aforementioned date for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and for Microsoft Windows.

Along with the official release date announcement, the game's developer and its publisher have also revealed that they will be launching the upcoming title's closed beta exclusively for Xbox One users starting next month.
For those who are interested to participate, they just need to have an Xbox One Beta token which will be given out by Deep Silver over the next few weeks. To be entitled to the tokens, players just have to register on the game's official website in order to stay notified on when the giveaway events will be taking place.
The upcoming game will be taking place in 2029 exactly four years after the events of the original occupation by the Korean forces in the United States. Players will be taking the role of the game's protagonist, Ethan Brady, as he leads a small resistance movement against the occupying army in the city of Philadelphia.
The game's developers have also expressly announced that despite the game being a sequel to the original "Homefront" game, they mentioned that everything in the brand new sequel is "all new". There will be a single player campaign included in the game upon launch ,along with a four-player online cooperative mode.

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