Wednesday 20 January 2016

The Division Live-Action Series Gets Its First Trailer

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Ubisoft reveals The Division’s first live-action trailer for a four part series in conjunction with major YouTube groups like Rocket Jump, Corridor Digital, and devinsupertramp.

Ubisoft continues to crank the marketing machine into high gear for their upcoming open world shooter, Tom Clancy’s The Division. With the highly anticipated beta scheduled to begin in two weeks for those who have pre-ordered the title, new details and information has also come into light thanks to new trailers and gameplay footage from some users on YouTube.
The latest footage comes from Ubisoft themselves, as they’ve teamed up with major YouTube groups like Rocket Jump, Corridor Digital, and devinsupertramp to produce a four part live-action series based in the world of The Division. Known as Agent Origins, the live-action special examines the backstories and lives of four Division agents during the early stages of the outbreak in New York City.
These agents have been recently activated in an effort to restore order and retake New York City back from the rioters and militarized groups that have begun to appear within Manhattan. What’s interesting about the short films is that Ubisoft has not confirmed if any of these agents will make an appearance in some way during the events of the game, or if this is strictly for promotional purposes.
The total run time for the short film is around half an hour and can be viewed in full on Amazon Prime Video along with five minutes of exclusive scenes. For those without Amazon Prime, however, the live-action films can be found on YouTube through each of the respective channels.
Ubisoft has been fairly active in promoting The Division once the calendar year flipped to 2016. The flurry of news really began last week as a trailer detailed new gameplay footage and provided more insight into what it takes to become a Division agent along with sacrifices that one has to make. Players were able to see landmarks like the Brooklyn Bridge, though as Ubisoft later confirmed, that specific borough won’t be available to explore on day one.
Fans should also be happy to note that somewhat overpowered microtransactions like the ability to auto level a character won’t make it into the game and the developer has no interest in doing so post-release. While the game will come with microtransactions, Ubisoft has promised that they would be fair and won’t be pay to win. Still, specifics around what will be offered inside of the game have not been revealed, which may concern some players.
Are you excited to check out The Division next week in the beta or are you adopting a wait and see approach when the game releases in March? Let us know your thoughts below in the comments.
Tom Clancy’s The Division arrives for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on March 8, 2016.

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