Thursday 14 January 2016

Spy thriller Budget Cuts is one of the coolest-looking Vive games yet

Despite HTC's partnership with gaming giant Valve, the Vive VR headset has felt a little short on playable games lately, compared to its competitor Oculus. But HTC has promised that we'll see more of its catalog this month, and we've already gotten a trailer for one of the coolest-looking Vive projects so far. It's called Budget Cuts, a stealth spy game about evading enemies and searching levels using a teleportation gun.
The teleportation mechanic is an increasingly accepted way to move around in VR, seen in projects like Bullet Train. It gets around the motion sickness that comes with artificial walking — although it can be slightly disorienting, something that definitely comes through in this early gameplay trailer.
Budget Cuts is a motion control game, so there's apparently no Oculus Rift support planned before its Touch motion controllers launch. There is, however, a promising postscript to the trailer: "No Oculus Touch support yet, because for some reason the dev kit is hard to get by [sic]. If you happen to work at Oculus, is there any way we can get a hold of it?" Otherwise, it's "coming 'soon'" to Steam and the Vive.

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