Wednesday 20 January 2016

'Dragon Quest XI' Release Date News: Game to Launch Before June in Japan?

Dragon Quest VIII The Journey of the Cursed King
As one of the best-selling franchises that has ever been helmed by Yuji Horii, it is not surprising that the excitement for "Dragon Quest XI" is all around the gaming community.
The hype has only increased even more after news emerged in the past week that the game is getting prepared for release in 2017. To be more specific, Horii gave a few details about the game's development during the 30th Dragon Quest Anniversary Presentation last Wednesday, Jan, 13.
According to Gematsu, Horii said the story is almost ready to wrap up, meaning fans can expect additional information to be shared by the development team in the coming months. Aside from the story, Horii also said that some parts of the game's beginning are already playable.
It is then safe to assume that a gameplay trailer may be on the way in the next couple of months, especially since some areas of the game are ready for gameplay.
Despite the good news, fans shouldn't get their hopes to high on a release this year. This is because the game's volume is obviously massive and it will take time for the team to complete all aspects of the game, from setting, characters, weaponry, and all other things acquainted with the game.
While patience is obviously needed for fans of the game, another bit of good news has been revealed as Horii also announced that they are looking forward to releasing the game sometime between May 27, 2016 and May 27, 2017 in Japan.
The time difference given by Horii is somehow huge, compared to other creators and developers who give announcements about release dates. This is probably because of the time needed to make sure everything is set before launching a game. Fans wouldn't want a half-baked version of the game anyway.

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