Wednesday 20 January 2016

New Knuckle Sandwich Trailer Showcases Hilariously Weird And Random Gameplay

Knuckle Sandwich is still deep in development, but that hasn’t stopped creator Andrew Brophy from sharing some new details about the bizarre RPG. And for those of you who like pretty pictures, he’s sharing those new details through the ancient art of “gameplay trailer.”

After making its way through Steam Greenlight last October and wowing audiences with its equally out there demo/prequel, Tarantula, it looks like we’re getting closer to an actual launch for Knuckle Sandwich on PC and Mac. To help update folks on what they can expect out of this indie RPG, a new trailer has been released covering everything from the overworld, to shops and even combat.

If you’re watching this and getting a distinct Earthbound vibe, there’s probably a good reason for that. Knuckle Sandwich is wearing its inspirations on its sleeve, and classic RPG’s like Earthbound certainly appear to be part of the mix. The game’s art style also reminds me of Scott Pilgrim, but even that was in turn inspired by retro gaming, so who knows? The above gameplay trailer went live on the Knuckle Sandwich official website earlier today, complete with some additional details about the highly anticipated indie game. According to the description, Knuckle Sandwich follows the story of a dude who moves out on his own and gets a job at a crappy diner with some interesting new coworkers. Once you star working the new gig, you notice that folks have started going missing and, on top of that, a bunch of cults start popping up looking for answers. You know, standard small town stuff. Now it's your job to figure out what the heck is going on, so good luck with that one. While Andrew Brophy is designing the game, that funky soundtrack is the work of Gyms, in case you’re curious. Otherwise, games don’t get much more “indie” than this. That is, of course, not a knock against Sucker Punch. It looks pretty rad if you’re in the mood for a game that feels like it was built for the SNES, but with some modern tweaks. I know there are some youngsters out there who can’t appreciate this rising “genre,” but they can just stick to their Call of Duty and Madden and we’ll all keep getting along just fine. According to Brophy, that demo/prequel I mentioned earlier, Tarantula, will be made available soon. Since the game is being distributed through Steam, that’s a safe bet for where we’ll be able to find it once it goes live.

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