Monday 11 January 2016

Latest 'Dungeon Hunter 5' Update Brings Co-op Mode and More

Gameloft's Dungeon Hunter franchise has gone through some major changes during its life on the App Store, the biggest one being the switch from premium to freemium, a move that was seen as anathema by many players. Surprisingly for many, Dungeon Hunter 5 [Free] managed to be a pretty enjoyable and fair freemium game and continues to be pretty popular on the App Store. The latest update has probably made most players happy since it has added a Co-op mode, one of the most-requested features. The co-op mode, called Party Hunt, will allow players to team up with up to three other players (or AI players in case you are short of friends) and complete various weekly quests.

Those quests will reward players with Minion Shards, which can in turn be used to craft minions in the new minion crafting system (there will be new minions to craft every week). The update has also added a new special event, Temple of Bells, to celebrate the Chinese New Year, and that event will offer exclusive rewards. There's also a new map, the Ashkan Breeding Grounds, and probably some other, smaller additions. Keep in mind that many DH5 players are complaining that the new update also brought plenty of new bugs to the game, so if you face crashes and bugs, you aren't the only one. The update is already live on the App Store, so go check out the co-op mode.

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