Friday 15 January 2016

'Mortal Kombat X' news: Game gets a gameplay trailer for 'Kombat Pack 2'


The game, "Mortal Kombat X," is going to get the "Kombat Pack 2" soon and recently, a gameplay trailer for it was released. Soon after the gameplay trailer released, news about the pack was made public by the developer and it provided more details about the characters that would be included.
Reporting on the characters that would come in the "Kombat Pack 2," Gamespot states that Leatherface from the "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" film franchise would be included. Also included would be the Xenomorph, also known as Alien from the film franchise of the same name. The trailer importantly hinted that Bo Rai Cho, who is the drunken fist master, and Tri-Borg would also make an appearance.
The pervious characters that have been brought to the game since its release have included the likes of Jason Voorhees and the "Predator." However, this particular trailer for the "Kombat Pack 2" was released for a short while, and then was taken offline and made private by the developer, who then went on to state that it would be brought online again sometime in the future.
Following this, the trailer, as promised, was re-released by Warner Bros. and along with it came news that players who invested in the "Kombat Pack 2" will get the four new characters and also the "Apocalypse Pack." Additional content in the form of the "Brazil Pack," "Kold War Pack" and "Kold War Scorpion" will also be provided to gamers. In the "Apocalypse," "Brazil" and "Kold War" packs, there will be three skins each and the "Kold War Scorpion" pack will have one special skin.
Tri-Borg and Alien are some of the characters that are eagerly awaited in the upcoming "Kombat Pack 2." Many want to know more about Tri-Borg, who was revealed to be a combination of Robot Smoke, Cyrax and Sektor.
No release date has been set for "Kombat Pack 2" and its price has not been revealed, but it could cost around $29.99.

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