Friday 15 January 2016

How to highly Compress Game , Video files from 1GB to 1MB

How to Highly compress 1 Gb file into 1 Mb with Easy method ?

There are instances when your memory card,, USB flash drives or hard drives run out of memory. Many a times, we find it difficult to share data or files due to shortage of storage memory but no need to worry now our guide on How to compress 1gb file into 1 mb will really help you .

What is compression of a file ?

Compressing is an art of reducing the size of a file without corrupting a single constituent system files. Though there are lots of software available on internet that can compress files and reduces its size, but the efficiency is comparatively low.
Any file that contains one or more files or directory that is smaller than their original file size is known as a compressed file. Most common format of compressed files are  .ZIP, .TAR , .arc, .sea and many more .

Why do we compress Files ?

Compression makes downloading faster easier and allows more data to be stored on a removable media.

Before Compressing 1 Gb file into 1 mb we should know some advantage and disadvantages of compressing a file .

Advantages of compressing Files ?

- Less disk space (more data in reality) 

Faster writing and reading 

- Faster file transfer

- Variable dynamic range

- Byte order independent

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Disadvantages of compressing Files ?

- Added complication

- Effect of errors in transmission

- Slower for sophisticated methods (but simple methods can be faster for writing to disk.)

- Unknown'' byte / pixel relationship

- Need to decompress all previous data 

These Disadvantages can be overcome by  stripping or tilling method

Software to compress 1GB file Into 1Mb

Compressing any file of Size 1 gb into 1 mb without any software is not possible. A software called KGB Archiver successfully enables you to compress a file at an extent from 1 GB to 1 MB.

Why we should only use KGB archiever to compress files ?

- It is 100% free and easy to use.

- No crack, patch or serial key is required to activate it.

- It can compress at a rate of 90% efficiency.

- It can make a password protected compressed file.

- It has the ability of self-extracting archives.

- It is compatible with many extensions. One of them is .zip.

- The Unicode is supported in both file systems as well as in User interface.

- It is in many languages like English, Chinese, Russian, etc.

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Steps to Compress / convert A 1gb file into 1 mb

- Download KGB from below
- After Downloading Install it in your computer


- choose the option compress files and the click next 
- Select the archive format as “KGB“. For better experience, choose maximum compression level from the default setting of Normal.
- Then select the files you want to compress into 1mb from 1gb and click on Add file .


After clicking on next compression will start .

Time will depend on the size and Level of compression it will take more time in maximum compression level .


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