Sunday 17 January 2016

Homefront: The Revolution Will Reportedly Launch on May 17

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An image of a Target pre-order card possibly leaks the release date for Deep Silver’s upcoming first-person shooter Homefront: The Revolution as May 17th.

The last time we saw Deep Silver’s Homefront: The Revolution was five months ago during Microsoft’s Gamescom press conference. Since then, little has been said about the upcoming first-person shooter, but now an image taken at Target has apparently revealed the release date for the game.
The image is of Target’s $1 reservation cards, which allow people to pre-order games. One such card will apparently hit Target store shelves soon, and it is for Homefront: The Revolution. A release date of May 17th, 2016 is listed on the card in two separate spots, and by the looks of the card it doesn’t seem like a fake. The card also reveals that those that pre-order Homefront: The Revolution from Target will receive an additional $5 gift card, but any other potential pre-order bonuses are not listed.
Deep Silver has yet to comment on the image or confirm any concrete release date for the new Homefront. In fact, the last time the company commented on the game’s release was when Homefront: The Revolution was delayed to 2016. Its new release window has been either Q1 or Q2 2016 since the delay, so the reported May release date certainly fits within that time frame.
Homefront: The Revolution Will Reportedly Launch on May 17 - Homefront: The Revolution Target pre order card
While Deep Silver has been mum on Homefront: The Revolution, the company must have been planning a release date announcement soon. Perhaps with this leak, Deep Silver will make the announcement even sooner, because unless the date has changed, it’s pointless at this juncture to stay quiet on the subject.
Hopefully an official release date announcement comes with some new gameplay footage of the title. Homefront: The Revolution has had a fairly troubled development cycle, with development switching from Crytek to Deep Silver’s Dambuster Studios, and the game’s director abandoned the project even before that. Because of this, the general lack of footage (outside the Gamescom trailer) has been concerning, and with its release date not that far off, there’s not a lot of time left to polish the experience.
Perhaps the previous delay gave the developers enough time to craft Homefront: The Revolution into a compelling experience. If the leaked release date turns out to be legitimate, it looks like we won’t have to wait much longer to find out.
Are you interested in Homefront: The Revolution? Does the game’s troubled development cycle have you worried? Will you be pre-ordering it or waiting for reviews? Leave a comment below and give us your thoughts on Homefront: The Revolution.
Homefront: The Revolution doesn’t have a confirmed release date just yet, but it is due for release this year on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.
Source: IGN

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