Saturday 16 January 2016

Bayonetta 2 Re-Releasing as a Standalone Game on Wii U

Bayonetta 2 is being re-released on Wii U, this time as a standalone game, Nintendo of America announced today.

The game will be available for $30 beginning on February 19. It's already available on its own on Nintendo's eShop for $50. However, the only physical version--released in October 2014--came packaged with a copy of the first Bayonetta (previously an Xbox 360 and PS3-only game).
This physical bundle has since become difficult to find without resorting to places like eBay, where it routinely sells for more than the original retail price. We've followed up with Nintendo to see if it has any plans to bring back the bundle to retail and will report back with any details we receive.
Bayonetta 2 was extremely well received in GameSpot's review, which awarded it a 10/10.
Bayonetta the character will soon be popping up in Super Smash Bros. as the game's final DLC character. She's due out in February, as is Fire Emblem's Corrin.

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