Sunday 17 January 2016

'GTA 5' DLC release: Game to get story expansion?


Although the current installment in the popular and long-running "Grand Theft Auto" franchise keeps on being updated by developer Rockstar Games, most of the new content is centered on its online multiplayer feature, "Grand Theft Auto Online." However, should recent speculations be true, fans of the series may see a new story unfold for the main characters in "GTA V."
According to PlayStation Lifestyle, speculations about a story DLC for "GTA V" have been floating online ever since the title's release in 2013. Meanwhile, the rumors have been rekindled with a recent social media post by Shawn Fonteno, who voiced main protagonist Franklin in the current story. Fonteno posted an image of him donning a motion capture suit.
It is unclear, however, if the image is a recent one or an old photo that Fonteno only decided to upload recently to tease fans that there will be a story add-on for "Grand Theft Auto V."
Some commenters are also of two minds about Fonteno's post, with some claiming that since it is already at least three years since the original rumors about story DLC began, and with a rumored "Grand Theft Auto VI" supposedly already in the works, Rockstar Games would have left "GTA V" the way it is right now. In addition, the developer already said in the past that the whole team behind "GTA V" is already hard at work, with all its focus on expanding "GTA Online" with new content.
Meanwhile, in connection to expansion content, Inquisitr mentioned that as per Rockstar Games, expansion items can be categorized as either time-limited only or general DLC packs. The developer issued a statement regarding some players' confusion when their supposed item gifts disappeared from their inventories. Apparently, the gifts were part of the holiday-themed "Festive Surprise" DLC, which expired last Jan. 5.

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