Tuesday 22 September 2015

Watch New 'Tokyo Ghoul Jail' PS Vita Game Trailer Featuring Theme Song [VIDEO]

Tokyo Ghoul Jail PS Vita Game 

Earlier this week Shueisha's "Weekly Young Jump" YouTube began streaming a brand new trailer for the upcoming "Tokyo Ghoul Jail" PS Vita game. The trailer, available to view below, features the game theme song "Zeitaku na Hone" by Osterreich.

"Tokyo Ghoul Jail" will hit shelves in Japan on Oct 1. As usual, fans outside of Japan are hoping for a wider release.
"I'm really hoping for a U.S. release, but I'd be surprised," said YepYepSyk on CR.
"Tokyo Ghoul Jail"will introduce a new original character and will also diverge from the story of the original manga. Original manga creator Sui Ishida did however create the original character, who will be voiced by Kensho Ono. Natsuki Hanae will return to voice Ken Kaneki.
Anime News Network reports the following description of the "Tokyo Ghoul Jail" PS Vita game:
"The game takes place after the battle of the Aogiri Tree in the 11th ward. Rio works with Kaneki to accomplish a certain goal. Based on dialogues and the relationships built with other characters from the manga series such as Ken Kaneki, Tōka Kirishima, Kōtaro Amon, and Jūzō Suzuya, the game's ending will change."
"Tokyo Ghoul" is originally a manga series by Sui Ishida. Funimation, who licensed the second season TV anime series for streaming outside of Japan, is also releasing a collector's edition Blu-ray of the first season.
"Tokyo Ghoul" was also previously adapted into a mobile game entitled "Tokyo Ghoul Carnaval." Fans who purchase the first edition of "Tokyo Ghoul Jail" will get an original custom theme as well as a serial code for a Kaneki card to use in "Carnaval."
"Tokyo Ghoul Carnaval" is now available for iOS and Android platforms.

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