Wednesday 16 September 2015

Watch The Creepy Trailer for Geometric Horror Game 'Euclidean'


What do you get when you cross geometry with horror? Probably something like Euclidean — an upcoming geometric horror game developed by Alpha Wave.
Euclidean takes its inspiration from an old Commodore 64 game, James Bond, where gameplay happened in an area of limited visibility. Alpha Wave wanted to build upon that — creating something similar in a first-person virtual reality setting that's based in the confines of the horror genre. So although gameplay involves working with geometric patterns, there's an element that also makes it scary, but not in the traditional sense of horror games.
"With a basis in the popular horror mythos of H.P. Lovecraft, Euclidean grew to combine rapidly-created, high-quality assets with entertaining stripped-down gameplay to produce a result that is tense, menacing and exciting all at the same time," Alpha Wave said in a press release.
Check out the first trailer for Euclidean, which shows off the tense atmosphere, ambient sound effects and overall look and feel of the game.

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