Tuesday 15 September 2015

Two New Japanese RPGs Exclusively Coming To Xbox One

Stranger of Sword City Character Redesign 

The Xbox One will be getting new Japanese roleplaying games (JRPGs) from developer Experience Inc. The games are “Stranger of Sword City” and “Students of Round 2,” though the latter is still a working title and can easily be replaced in the future. Fans can expect “Strangers of Sword City” in 2016 and “Students of Round 2” in 2017.
Pure Xbox has confirmed that the games will be getting a Western release, so fans won’t have to make a petition to get the game. Both games will not be getting physical copies and will only be sold through Xbox Live. According to Experience Inc. executive Hajime Chikami, the move to digital was made since it’s hard to sell Xbox games in Japan and it’s easier to sell a digital game worldwide.
“Stranger of Sword City” was actually released on the Xbox 360, PC and PlayStation Vita. However, this isn’t just a simple HD remake as the game will be getting brand new character designs, after Chikami took the advice of some publishers the company has worked with before. Fans who prefer the original character designs will be able to switch between them when it comes out, while the dungeon-crawling gameplay will probably remain the same.
The second JRPG “Students of Round 2” still has some issues, as the company has been trying to nail the character designs for the final product. The gameplay will be that of a tactical RPG and might bear similarities with “Shining Force” or “Fire Emblem.”
The excitement for these two Japanese RPGS has made some wonder if the Xbox will be the new JRPG console, Lazy Gamer reported. It’s reportedly a bold statement, but it’s also a doubtful one since the PlayStation 4 and 3 are still getting exclusive RPGs to this day, like the upcoming “Tales of Zesteria.”
However, that seemingly won’t stop Microsoft. The company has been working hard on getting more Japanese audiences, and the fact that these two games are exclusively coming to the Xbox One is proof of that. The Xbox One will also be one of the homes for “Final Fantasy XV,” which is considered by many as one of the most anticipated games today.

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