Sunday 13 September 2015

Here’s a Gameplay Trailer for The Escapists: The Walking Dead

Team 17 have released a brand new trailer for the mashup survival game, The Escapists: The Walking Dead which sees Rick and the gang rummaging around Woodbury for resources and weapons, and a safe way out of the zombie-infested town.
In this unique blend of pixel art and familiar scenarios from the popular comic book, players must take control of Rick and a group of survivors and ensure their safety and escape from each area keeping as many of the group alive as possible.
The game is set to follow the timeline of the comic books so the player makes their way through the game that mirrors the progress of the survivors taken from the comic by Robert Kirkman.
Currently there’s no release date for The Escapists: The Walking Dead but more updates are coming soon, so watch this space.
Also, if you’re attending EGX this month, be sure to head on over to Team 17’s booth to try out the game plus many others.

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