Sunday 13 September 2015

'Street Fighter V' New Character Rashid Revealed! Trailer, Release Date & Gameplay Here!


 Capcom is making sure to keep its fans excited with the upcoming release of its "Street Fighter V." Now, along with their strategy of introducing new characters to maintain the hype, the Japanese video game developer and the publisher has provided a glimpse of its new character Rashid along with some details.
As reported by All Games Beta, Rashid, who was introduced in the games 12 event in Dubai, is a "laid back" character who shows great obsession for the latest gadgets and technology. He was described as a wind-wielding acrobatic fighter who is always eager to buy new gadgets that he uses to research and form his new combat moves.

The trailer for Rashid was also released, introducing him as "Rashid of the Turbulent Wind" which explains his ability to control the wind and harness small and medium sized whirlwinds during a fight. Not to mention that he can make himself a huge tornado as seen in the finishing move he made in the trailer.
According to Game Rant, the combat mechanics of Rashid can be devastating when mastered especially given the fact that he can use whirlwinds to distract as well as deal damage to opponents along with his acrobatic skills. This ability of Rashid also made him very flexible to dodge his opponents' attacks as seen and proven in the trailer where he rolled over towards Ryu, avoiding the hadouken and dealing a quick kick to the opponent.
In a previous report by Game Rant, it was reported that there will be 16 characters in the game. Before Rashid, 10 have already been named and six are yet to be announced. Among those six, however, three will be new characters. Hence, with the Rashid reveal, fans can expect two more fresh faces to join the combat.
The same report by the gaming news site has already confirmed the return of fan-favorite characters like Ryu, Ken Masters and Chun-Li as well as M.Bison and Nash. They will be joined by characters which include Cammy, a member of the Special Ops team; Birdie, a punk rocker from Britain; Rainbow Mika or R.Mika, a wrestler from Japan who can use a tag team move with her partner Yamato Nadeshiko and; the first new character revealed, Necalli, who possesses brutal close range skills and power.
"Street Fighter V" will be launched in a yet undetermined date in March 2016 and will be made available for PlayStation 4 and PC.

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